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July 23, 2010

Blogroll Report 16/07/2010 – 23/07/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 09/07 /2010 – 16/07/2010

1-What is tablespace and disk level fragmentation?
Jonathan Lewis-Fragmentation-2

2-What is table level fragmentation?
Jonathan Lewis-Fragmentation-3

3-What is index level fragmentation?
Jonathan Lewis-Fragmentation-4

4-How to delete database file system when you hit “ORA-64007: invalid store specified” error.
Frits Hoogland-DBFS and ORA-64007: invalid store specified

5-Automated SQL*Loader control file generator
Charles Kim-Generate SQL*Loader Control File Script

6-How to unbind NICS on Unix to remove them from ifconfig -a output?
Dan Norris-unplumb (or unbinding) NICs on Linux

7-ASMCMD privileges with 11GR2
Neil Johnson-ASMCMD privileges in Grid Infrastructure

8-How does OEM Performance Tab uses ASH data to generate reports ?
Marcin Przepiorowski-OEM performance tab and Active Session History data.

9-I/O throughput vs IOPS
Martin Widlake-More Memory Meanderings – IOPS and Form Factors

10-How to read block header part of index block dump?
Richard Foote-Index Block Dump: Block Header Part I (Editions Of You)

11-Why does Oracle / CBO ignores your Hint?
Charles Hooper-Demonstration of Oracle “Ignoring” an Index Hint

12-How do you calculate the chance of loosing data with ASM mirroring? ASM disk partnership
Alex Fatkulin-ASM Mirroring and Disk Partnership

13-How to sort ora-0094 when using tablespaces tab with select catalog role?
Hector R Madrid-ORA-00942 Querying Tablespaces from Enterprise Manager

14-How does exadata storage indexes work?
Marc Fielding-Exadata’s Best Kept Secret: Storage Indexes

15-Operating system Tuning recommendations for using Oracle on Linux
Ronny Egner-Tuning Linux for Oracle

16-What is the meaning of V$DATABASE.CREATED column ? Is it DB creation or controlfile creation date ?
Hemant K Chitale-V$DATABASE.CREATED — is this the Database Creation timestamp ?

17-Oracle Data Dictionary and ASYNCH I/O
Frits Hoogland-Doing synchronous IO on ASM

18-Unexpected growth in size and not using of free space with ASSM
Nigel Noble-10gR2 – 11gR2, ASSM Space Management “Bug”


July 19, 2010

Blogroll Report 02/04/2010 – 09/04/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 26/03 /2010 – 02/04/2010

1-How To Format Corrupted Block which is Not Part Of Any Segment?
Michael T. Dinh-logical corruption

2-Different behavior for connect by with UNION and UNION ALL clauses due to bug 6429113
Timur Akhmadeev-connect by oddity

3-How does failed login check on dba_audit_session can cause performance problem ?
Jonathan Lewis-Failed Login

4-How to split big tables for parallel operations ? manual parallelization – similar to Jonathan Lewis Pseudo Parallel
Ruslan Dautkhanov-splitting big tables for parallel operations

5-How to change database name with ASM data structure change ?
Martin Nash-Rename database when using ASM

6-Expert views about gathering statistics
Iggy Fernandez-Statistics How and When ?

7-How does dynamic remastering work in 11GR2-How to do Manual remastering?
Fairlie Rego-Dynamic remastering in 11G

8-How to use 11G SECTION SIZE option for decreasing backup time
John Hallas-Reducing RMAN backup time for unevenly sized tablespaces/

9-XTRACE session trace browser to browse in a tracefile
Alberto Dell’era-Xtrace: an Oracle session trace browser (introduction)

10-Ways to sort problems arrived with new fix (5483301) which changed how non-existing values are treated when there is a frequency histogram on a column / expression.
Randolf Geist-Frequency histograms – edge cases

11-How to avoid unavailability of materialized views during refresh operation
Arup Nanda-Online Materialized View Complete Refresh With Partitions

July 16, 2010

Blogroll Report 09/07/2010 – 16/07/2010

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Note: I have gazillion non read blog posts on my list but I gave up waiting to read them in order so I am starting to continue from this week.  I hope if I find time I will add them retrospectively.

1-How does dropping and creating tables on read only tablespaces work?
Tanel Poder-Dropping and creating tables in read only tablespaces?!

2-How to present oracle statistics in charts using VB Script ?
Charles Hooper-Oracle Statistics Chart Viewer

3-How to add dependency to cluster resources ? Adding ASM dependency to Instance ?
Murali Vallath-10gR2., adding dependency to applications/resources managed by CRS

4-How to install systemtap on OEL5-update-5 and sample script?
Frits Hoogland-Installing systemtap on OEL5, update 5

5-Restrictions on Table and Index Compression
Randolf Geist-Compression Restrictions

6-Oracle Outer joins and Ansi Equivalents
Maria Colgan-Outerjoins in Oracle

7-Oracle on Windows – Important bits
Charles Hooper-Windows as an OS Platform for Oracle Database – Where Do I Start?

8-Introduction to Fragmentation in Oracle
Jonathan Lewis-Fragmentation-1

9-How do we syncronize changes, happening while the initial data load extract process is in operation with goldengate?
Gavin Soorma-GoldenGate – Online Change Synchronization with the initial data load

10-What is the difference between RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR and RAISE?

11-How does ASM mirroring work? Hot spare capacity instead of hot spare disk?
Jeremy Schneider-ASM Mirroring – No Hot Spare Disk

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May 23, 2010

Blogroll Report 26/03 /2010 – 02/04/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 19/03/2010 – 26/03/2010

1-How, adding another index can cause performance problem ? (AllEqRange can cause wrong index choice)
Vivek Sharma-Cost Based Optimization ! Query Performance Issue after creating a new Index…

2-How to extract sql statements from 10046 tracefile via tkprof?
Hemant K Chitale-Extracting Application / User SQLs from a TraceFile

3-Which one to choose ? Memory Target vs Huge Pages
Ronny Egner-MEMORY_TARGET (SGA_TARGET) or HugePages – which to choose?

4-How does heap block compress statistics increase and what happens when there is space but not at the top of the free space heap?
Jonathan Lewis– Heap Block Compress

5-Where are the database logs located in 10GR2 RAC?
Murali Vallath-Logs in 10GR2 RAC

6-Why to use DBMS_STATS instead of analyze ?
Jonathan Lewis-Analyze this
Jonathan Lewis-Analyze this 2

7-Ways to transfer Oracle files between database when using ASM
Emre Baransel-Transferring Oracle Files Between Databases In ASM

8-How to reclaim unused space in datafiles?
Tim Hall-Reclaiming Unused Space in Datafiles

9-Available Opatch methods in RAC environment
Mohammad Arju-OPatch supported patch methods in RAC environment

10-Performance impact of ATOMIC_REFRESH parameter value for materialized view refreshes
Kubilay Kara-Materialized View Refresh and the ATOMIC_REFRESH parameter

11-How to check whether or not Java privilege attacks have occurred in your database ?
Paul M Wright-Java Forensics in Oracle

12-How to rotate alert logs via ADRCI
James Koopmann-Rotating Oracle Database’s Alert Log with ADRCI

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May 3, 2010

Blogroll Report 19/03 /2010 – 26/03/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 12/03/2010 – 19/03/2010

1-Tanel Poder’s Session Snapper v3.10
Tanel Poder-Session Snapper

2-Function Based Index behaviour with cursor_sharing similar or force?
Yu Sun-Demonstrate a function-based index is unable to be used due to cursor_sharing setting

3-How to upgrade database using a Rolling Upgrade With an Existing Physical Standby Database feature of 11G (transient logical standby)
Gavin Soorma-11g Release 2 Rolling Upgrade using Transient Logical Standby database

4-Extra filter in CBO to do short circuit
Alex Fatkulin-Where did the filter came from?

5-What happens when you delete a row where there are more than 2 index and you reach via 1?
Gary Myers-Turning things on their head

6-How to clone a database on the same server using rman duplicate from active database ?
Alejandro Vargas-Cloning A Database On The Same Server Using Rman Duplicate From Active Database

7-Java Vulnaribility that lets hacker to use orapwd to change sys password
Paul M Wright-CREATE SESSION to SYSDBA via Java and orapwd

8-What is the difference between database sessions and processs?
Arup Nanda-Difference between Session and Process

9-What does Parse Calls statistic mean?
Jonathan Lewis-Nutshell-2

10-Difference between deletion from index and table
Jonathan Lewis-Index too big

11-How to create fake height balanced histograms?
Jonathan Lewis-Fake Histograms

12-How does oracle store unique bitmap indexes
Richard Foote-Unique Bitmap Indexes Part I (Unnatural Selection)

13-Using Mapping tables instead of decode or case
Robert Vollman-DECODE/CASE vs. Mapping Tables

14-How to build ASM Clustered file system
Jim Czuprynski-Building an ASM Clustered File System

15-How does dynamic remastering work in Oracle RAC
Riyaj Shamsudeen-RAC object remastering ( Dynamic remastering )

Blogroll Report 26/03 /2010 – 02/04/2010–>

April 29, 2010

Blogroll Report 12/03/2010 – 19/03/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 05/03/2010 – 12/03/2010

1-POC for adding additional VIP network to RAC for isolating the traffic?
Murali Vallath-10gR2 RAC – POC – additional VIP to isolate network traffic

2-How to install 11GR2 on Ubuntu 9.10?
Mike Smitthers-Installing Oracle 11gR2 on Ubuntu 9.10

3-How to install Oracle ACFS on CentOS?
Marcin Przepiorowski-Oracle ACFS on CentOS

4-Adaptive Cursor Sharing behaviour with different cursor_sharing parameter value
Optimizer Development Group-Explain adaptive cursor sharing behavior with cursor_sharing = similar and force.

5-Difference between rebuilding a valid index and an unusable index
Hemant K Chitale-ALTER INDEX indexname REBUILD.

6-How to add EM console into clusterware resource control?
Ronny Egner-Integrate EM Console Startup/Shutdown into Clusterware Control

7-Logical corruption bug with deferrable constraints
Alex Fatkulin- Deferrable constraints in Oracle 11gR2 may lead to logically corrupted data

8-How does SCAN work on 11GR2?
Joel Goodman-Scan you listen to this

9-How to personalize login.sql for different users?
Sean Molloy-conditional login.sql in the SQLPATH

10-How to increase process priority within Oracle with _high_priority_processes?
Kerry Osborne-Increasing Priority of lgwr Process using _high_priority_processes

11-Ora-01555 via DB link is not captured with Ora-1555 trigger
Yu “Denis” Sun-How to find out which session caused ORA-01555?

12-Numa architecture with Oracle
Kevin Closson-You Buy a NUMA System, Oracle Says Disable NUMA! What Gives? Part I.

Blogroll Report 19/03/2010 – 26/03/2010–>

April 23, 2010

Blogroll Report 05/03/2010 – 12/03/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 26/02/2010 – 05/03/2010

1-How is 11GR2 Grid Infrastructure memory footprint-possible solution to decrease memory
Alex Gorbachev-Oracle 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure — Memory Footprint

2-Oracle Goldengate tutorials installarion and configuration for certain operations
Gavin Soorma-Oracle GoldenGate Tutorials now available …..

3-How to get around corrupted database after dropping OUTLN user in 11G ?
Jonathan Lewis-Dropping OUTLN

4-How to automate to read index treedump via external table ?
Jonathan Lewis-treedump-2

5-Differences between validation types of RMAN backups
Hemant K Chitale-Misinterpreting RESTORE DATABASE VALIDATE

6-Unusual CPU/time consumption during inserts on a table with trigger (scalibility problem related with bug 6400175 in
Christian Antognini-Inserts Experiencing an Increasing CPU Consumption

7-How to sort remained threads problems after converting RAC to single instance
David Marco-Two or more Threads on an Oracle single instance

8-Most important Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent ( parameters
Werner de Gruyter-Top 10 Agent parameters

9-How does row migration effect execution plans via bogus clustering factor?
Markus Winand-Clustering Factor: Row Migration’s Victim

10-How to change ODS password when Grid control is used with OID
Frank van Bortel-Grid Control & OID: a deadly combo

11-How to trace DBCA?
Ronny Egner-How to trace DBCA (>= 10g)

12-How to sort in doubt transactions when official way is not working ?
Kellyn Pedersen-ORA-02050 Remote DB in Doubt? How About Gone for Years??

13-How to use 10G RAC with 11GR2 clusterware?
Ronny Egner-Creating a Oracle 10g Release 2 or 11g Release 1 database on a 11g Release 2 Cluster

14-How to sort free space problem when there is free unbalanced space in asm – ORA-15041
Surachart Opun-ORA-15041 – ASM Disk Group Unbalanced

15-Why does my sql not show up in v$session_longops -possible reasons for time_remaining=0 (how does v$session_longops work) ?
Charles Hooper-V$SESSION_LONGOPS – Where’s My SQL Statement

16-What is the impact of trunc function on an indexed date column?
Charles Hooper-Impact of the TRUNC Function on an Indexed Date Column

17-Effect of filters taking the place of joins in plans
Martin Widlake-Fun with filters

18-How does Cardinality of table collection expression-table function works in 11GR2 ?
Timur Akhmedeev-Cardinality of table collection expression

19-How to sort performance degradation of materialized view fast refreshes on versions after 9i?
Alberto D’ellera-fast refresh of join-only MVs: _mv_refresh_use_stats and locking log stats

20-Degree of Parallelism and partition/subpartition relationship?
Tony Hasler-Parallel Query Distribution Methods

21-How does sample clause work?
Jonathan Lewis-Sample Clause

22-Performance comparison between KEEP DENSE_ RANK and ROW_NUMBER
Jeff Moss-KEEP DENSE_RANK versus ROW_NUMBER – further details

Blogroll Report 12/03/2010 – 19/03/2010-—>

March 25, 2010

Blogroll Report 26/02/2010 – 05/03/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 19/02/2010 – 26/02/2010

1-Why does tape backup bigger than disk backup? (Unused block compression)
Shervin Sheidaei-What it is missed when RMAN backuping up to tape ?

2-ORA-27504: when low version databases are in 11GR2 grid infrastructure
Chandra Pabba-ORA-27504 while starting 11gR1 database with 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure

3-How to design efficient SQL ? (must)
Jonathan Lewis-SQL Server 2

4-Difference between RANK, DENSE_RANK and ROW_NUMBER

5-How does clusterware find voting disk when it is in ASM?
Frits Hoogland-Where is voting disk is in ASM

6-How to diagnose disk performance from OS?
John Brady-Which disk is faster?

7-What happens when the flash cache is corrupted?
Surachart Opun-What is happening if flash cache file is corrupted?

8-Undocumented “oradebug patch” interface
Miladin Modrakovic-Patch Utiliy Interface

9-How to trace predicates generated by VPD Using 10730 event for sorting ORA-28113
Christian Antognini-Tracing VPD Predicates

10-How to install 11GR2 RAC on OCFS2
Martin Bach-Installing RAC 11.2 on ocfs2 part I

11-How to interpret tkprof and execution plan ?
Charles Hooper-Query Performance Problem, or is Something Else Happening?

12-How to estimate index size with a simple script when stats are available?
Jonathan Lewis-Index Efficiency-2

13-How to identify index efficiency?
Jonathan Lewis-Index Efficiency-3

14-How are consistent gets counted ?
Vivek Sharma-Consistent Gets Myth

15-Who is using the open database links ?
Jared Still- Who’s using a database link?

16-dbms_xplan format parameters with examples
Charles Hooper-DBMS_XPLAN Format parameters

17-Partition level stats are not aggregated when there are true stats and new granularity is subpartition level
Doug Burns-
Statistics on Partitioned Tables Part-4

18-Effect of _minimal_stats_aggregation undocumented parameter for partition stats aggregation
Doug Burns-Statistics on Partitioned Tables Part-5

19-Oracle XMLDB NFS Functionality
Marko Gralike-Part of the Puzzle: Oracle XMLDB NFS Functionality

20-Grid control queries via command line
Thomas Roach-Grid Control Scripts

Blogroll Report 05/03/2010 – 12/03/2010–>

March 21, 2010

Blogroll Report 19/02/2010 – 26/02/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 12/02/2010 – 19/02/2010

1-How to use opatch util cleanup option to remove unnecessary old patch files from disk?
Harold Van Breederode-Why does the size of my ORACLE_HOME increase?

2-When does Oracle update CPU usage statistics ?
Charles Hooper-CPU Usage Monitoring – What are the Statistics and when are the Statistics Updated?

3-How to use dbms_service to stop a service in RAC for diagnosing service problems?
Martin Bach-RAC service weirdness

4-Why to gather global statistics at table and partition level instead of just subpartition level in 10G?
Doug Burns-Statistics on Partitioned Tables – Part 2

5-How to hack Oracle from the web? (Highly recommended good summary of injection methods)?
Sumit Siddarth-Really good whitepaper about “Hacking Oracle from the Web”

6-Global stats will not aggregated until you gather statistics for all subpartitions when using subpartition granularity
Doug Burns- Statistics on Partitioned Tables – Part 3

7-How to manually convert single instance database to RAC ?
Advait Deo-Converting a Single Instance Database to RAC Manually – Oracle RAC 10g

Martin Widlake-Missing SQL in AWR/ASH

9-How to prevent SQL Injection?
OWASP-SQL Injection Prevention Cheat Sheet

10-How to prevent a User from changing SYS/SYSTEM privilege?
Alexander Kornbrust-How to Prevent a User Granted the ALTER USER Privilege From Changing SYS/SYSTEM password and how to bypass it

11-How does statement queueing work with automatic degree of parallelism in 11GR2?
Jean Pierre Dijcks-Auto DOP and Parallel Statement Queuing

12-Parallel execution Fundamentals in 11GR2 (whitepaper PDF)
Oracle-Parallel execution Fundamentals in 11GR2

13-How does error based SQL injection work?
Alexander Kornburst-2 New ways to create error messages

14-Possible solution for OUI-10150 error during RAC installation
Martin Bach-Watch those environment variables

15-How to detect which column is giving ORA-01722 error?
Gary Myers-Do you know about DBMS_SQL.LAST_ERROR_POSITION

16-How to diagnose Advance Queue problem ? (problem with process of messages from SYS$SERVICE_METRICS QUEUE)
Jacco H. Landlust-Contention problems with AQ

17-How to automate adding of public key to the remote server for passwordless ssh-scp?
Ruslan Dautkhanov-passwordless ssh scp login (host-based authentication)

18-How can a composite index cannot be unique while leadingkey can be unique itself?
Hemant K Chitale-Something Unique about Unique Indexes

19-How to hide (obsecure) your passwords in shell scripts ? (recommended)
Ahbaid Gaffoor-Hiding Passwords – Security By Obscurity

20-How to manage memory on VMWARE ESX for Oracle ?
Guy Harrison-Memory Management for Oracle databases on VMWare ESX

21-How does different types of dynamic sampling hint work?
Jonathan Lewis- Dynamic Sampling

22-How do mutexes sleep ?
Craig Shallahamer-How mutexes sleep?

Blogroll Report 26/02/2010 – 05/05/2010 –>

March 18, 2010

Blogroll Report 12/02/2009 – 19/02/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 05/02/2010 – 12/02/2010

1-How does new nested loop join works in 11G? Where did that extra nested loop join came?
Luo Donghua-New Implementation for Nested Loop Joins (11g onwards)

2-Limits of Oracle Database
Eddie Awad-Oracle Database Limits You May Not Know About

3-Solution to “Hard Limit: maximum user processes” error in 11GR2 on Solaris
Vitaliy Mogilevskiy-11gR2 install fails with “Hard Limit: maximum user processes” error

4-Slow statistic gathering on partitions caused by missing stats on global index
Martin Widlake-Stats Need Stats to Gather Stats

5-How to solve “Index Leaf Block contention” and “gc buffer busy waits” in RAC caused by Sequences
Joel Goodman-Tell RAC to Leave Your Leaves Alone

6-How to clone Database with ZFS file system ?
Ronny Egner-Creating database clones with ZFS really FAST

7-How to sort failed user drop for user with quote in its name.
Mike Smithers-Dropping quoted users – why sometimes Oracle can’t bear to say goodbye

8-How to install Oracle 11GR2 on ZFS for test ?
Martin Bach-It is indeed possible to install Oracle 11.2 on OpenSolaris

9-How to monitor dNFS traffic by sampling the v$dnfs_stats view in 11G?
Glenn Fawcett-Simple script to monitor dNFS activity

10-How to drop database including backups using RMAN. ?
Anand Prakash-Drop Database using RMAN

11-How to add third node (software) in 11GR2 RAC?
Martin Bach-Build your own RAC system part V – add RDBMS home

12-How to Determine which First Rows OPTIMIZER_MODE was Specified?
Charles Hooper-How to Determine which First Rows OPTIMIZER_MODE was Specified

13-Where does that select from dual comes from when doing merge insert ?
Timur Akhmadeev-Silent ORA-904 on MERGE

14-ASH viewer tool
Timus Akhmadeev-ASH Viewer

15-Unusual temporary object (TO) locks when spatial is installed
Jonathan Lewis-TO Locks

16-Locking problem/bug while locking parent table exclusively when locking child is disabled
Jonathan Lewis-Lock Horror

17-How does nologging work with indexes?
Hemant K Chitale-Some Common Errors – 3 – NOLOGGING and Indexes

18-How to read/interpret Error Stack (ORA-0600) output/log?
Tanel Poder-How to read ERRORSTACK output

19-How to use DTrace for diagnosing Oracle problems
James Morle-The Oracle Wait Interface Is Useless (sometimes) – part 3b

20-How do truncate/move/rebuild effect statistics on table and indexes
Hemank K Chitale-Table and Index Statistics with MOVE/REBUILD/TRUNCATE

21-How does and execution plan change when statistics remain same? (comments ***)
Richard Foote-How Does An Execution Plan Suddenly Change When The Statistics (And Everything Else) Remains The Same ? (In Limbo)

22-What is/isn’t the main rule to build bitmap index?
Riachar Foote-Myth: Bitmap Indexes With High Distinct Columns (Blow Out)

23-Inconsistency with v$filestat output prior to 11GR2
Charles Hooper-V$Filestat is wrong

24-How to partition a table online with dbms_redefinition?
Uwe Hesse-Partitioning a table online with DBMS_REDEFINITION

25-What is %CPU in explain plan output?
Charles Hooper-What is the Meaning of the %CPU Column in an Explain Plan?

26-How to read/interpret errorstack output ?
Tanel Poder-How to read erorstack output;

27-How to cancel a query running in another session?
Tanel Poder-How to CANCEL a query running in another session?

28-Resource compilation for parallel querying
Charles Hooper-Parallel Reasoning

29-Problem with VPD-ANYDATA column overflows into the DATE field
Charles Schultz-VPD + bad ANYDATA practices can really bite

30-How to install Golden Gate for test purposes?
Gleb Otochkin-Oracle GoldenGate Installation, Part 1

31-Statistics on Partitioned Tables with default settings
Doug Burns-Statistics on Partitioned Tables – Part1

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