Coskan’s Approach to Oracle

March 25, 2010

Blogroll Report 26/02/2010 – 05/03/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 19/02/2010 – 26/02/2010

1-Why does tape backup bigger than disk backup? (Unused block compression)
Shervin Sheidaei-What it is missed when RMAN backuping up to tape ?

2-ORA-27504: when low version databases are in 11GR2 grid infrastructure
Chandra Pabba-ORA-27504 while starting 11gR1 database with 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure

3-How to design efficient SQL ? (must)
Jonathan Lewis-SQL Server 2

4-Difference between RANK, DENSE_RANK and ROW_NUMBER

5-How does clusterware find voting disk when it is in ASM?
Frits Hoogland-Where is voting disk is in ASM

6-How to diagnose disk performance from OS?
John Brady-Which disk is faster?

7-What happens when the flash cache is corrupted?
Surachart Opun-What is happening if flash cache file is corrupted?

8-Undocumented “oradebug patch” interface
Miladin Modrakovic-Patch Utiliy Interface

9-How to trace predicates generated by VPD Using 10730 event for sorting ORA-28113
Christian Antognini-Tracing VPD Predicates

10-How to install 11GR2 RAC on OCFS2
Martin Bach-Installing RAC 11.2 on ocfs2 part I

11-How to interpret tkprof and execution plan ?
Charles Hooper-Query Performance Problem, or is Something Else Happening?

12-How to estimate index size with a simple script when stats are available?
Jonathan Lewis-Index Efficiency-2

13-How to identify index efficiency?
Jonathan Lewis-Index Efficiency-3

14-How are consistent gets counted ?
Vivek Sharma-Consistent Gets Myth

15-Who is using the open database links ?
Jared Still- Who’s using a database link?

16-dbms_xplan format parameters with examples
Charles Hooper-DBMS_XPLAN Format parameters

17-Partition level stats are not aggregated when there are true stats and new granularity is subpartition level
Doug Burns-
Statistics on Partitioned Tables Part-4

18-Effect of _minimal_stats_aggregation undocumented parameter for partition stats aggregation
Doug Burns-Statistics on Partitioned Tables Part-5

19-Oracle XMLDB NFS Functionality
Marko Gralike-Part of the Puzzle: Oracle XMLDB NFS Functionality

20-Grid control queries via command line
Thomas Roach-Grid Control Scripts

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