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March 10, 2010

Blogroll Report 05/02/2009 – 12/02/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 29/01/2010 – 05/02/2010

1-How to simulate Oracle errors with simulator events

Dennis Yurichev-Oracle RDBMS internal self-testing features

2-How to decode dates in histograms?

Martin Widlake-Format of Date Histograms

3-How to decide the value of datafile resize option ?

Jonathan Lewis-Shrink Tablespace

4-All about network wait events

Kyle Hailey-Oracle: Network Waits

5-When does manual logfile switch trigger complete checkpoint ?


6-When does “alter system archive log current” trigger checkpoint?


7-How to secure java in Oracle and how to test public revocation?

Paul Wright-Securing Java In Oracle and DBMS_JVM_EXP_PERMS

8-Difference between case and decode in terms of trimming

Timo Raitalaakso-Equality -comparing text

9-How to upgrade ASM 10.2 to 11.2 single instance

Martin Bach-Upgrade ASM 10.2 to 11.2 single instance

10-How to use resumable operations in Oracle

Stewart Bryson-Data Warehouse Fault Tolerance Part 1: Resuming

11-How to restart your ETL process with restore points ?

Stewart Bryson-Data Warehouse Fault Tolerance Part 2: Restarting

12-How to use incremental backup for no logging operations for recovery in DW environments?

Stewart Bryson-Data Warehouse Fault Tolerance Part 2: Restoring

13-Beginners guide to index block dumps and treedumps Part-1

Richard Foote-Index Block Dumps and Index Tree Dumps Part I: (Knock On Wood)

14-NVL and COALESCE performance comparison?

Scott Wesley-Short-circuit Evaluations – moving away from NVL

Scott Wesley-One more COALESCE vs NVL example to finish the week

15-How to drill down and detail sys_time_model data vs2?

Charles Hooper-Working with Oracle’s Time Model Data 3

16-How to put gather_plan_statistics hint without changing the code by sql profiles?

Kerry Osborne-gather_plan_statistics

17-How to check/extract unsuccessful connection attempts in listener_log ?

Martin Bach-Check for non-successful connection attempts in listener.log

18-Why does Oracle use undo when there is already redo logs? (Must read)

Jonathan Lewis-Why Undo?

19-How to configure ASYNC-IO on HP/UX?

John Hallas-OER 27064: cannot perform async I/O to file – HPUX

20-How to convert cross platform single instance to RAC with RCONFIG?

Syed Jaffar Hussain-My experience of converting a cross platform (AIX to HP) single instance database to RAC using RCONFIG tool

21-How to backup Oracle to cloud storage ?

Alisher Yuldashev –Let Your Oracle Backups Be Up in the Clouds

22-Fundemantals of Performance Tuning (Must read)

Cary Milsap-Thinking Clearly About Performance

23-Solutions to Permission problems with fuse and DBFS

Kevin Closson-Oracle Database 11g Database
File System (DBFS). Common DBFS Problems and Solutions. Part II.

24-How to send execution plan to excell and show execution plans on web

Charles Hooper-Automated DBMS_XPLAN, Trace, and Send to Excel

25-Weird Transitive Closure behaviour in execution plan which causes ignorance of hints

Jonathan Lewis-Ignoring Hints-2

26-How to do initial server pool configuration before database creation in 11GR2?

Martin Bach-Server Pool experiments in RAC 11.2

27-Problems with usage of Append_Values and solutions

Gary Myers-Append Values and how not to break the database

28-How does Subquery factoring work?

Tim Hartley-Getting Recursive

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March 5, 2010

Blogroll Report 29/01/2009 – 05/02/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 22/01/2010 – 29/01/2010

1-Oracle 0 day exploit
Miladin Modrakovic-Oracle Exploit Published 11g R2
2-Faulty quotes about Non Default Block Sizes
Charles Hooper-Faulty Quotes 5 – Block Sizes
3-Common mistake done after adding and index to see how it performs
Hemant K Chitale-Some Common Errors – 1 – using COUNT(*)
4-RAC One Node and connection failover handling
Marcin Przepiorowski-Oracle RAC One Node – part 3
5-How to set PCTFREE ?
Anurag Tibrewal-PCTFREE
6-How to use average active sessions and available CPU for tuning ?
Kyle Hailey-Tuning the Application, Database and Hardware
7-How to get workload character of your Database from AWR data?
Karl Arao-Workload characterization using DBA_HIST tables and kSar
8-Flash Cache and Flash drive performance comparisons
Guy Harrison-Flash tablespace vs. DB Flash Cache
9-How to use NMAP for network diagnosing
Frits Hoogland-Must have network diag tool NMAP
10-How to discover device names for LUNs when LUN number is known?
Saurabh Sood-How To Discover Disk Name When LUN Number is Known (OEL5)
11-Parallel queries and sort performance behaviour
Kellyn Pedersen-When Parallel is Wrong
12-How to use CATALOG command to catalog missing tape backups?
Marcin Przepiorowski-RMAN and SBT_TAPE backup pieces – how to catalog it
13-How to audit sys into an OS file owned by root?
Uwe Hesse-How to audit sys into an OS file owned by root
14-How to use dbms_parallel_execute package in 11GR2?
15-How to share read-only tablespaces between databases (comments***)?
Uwe Hesse-Sharing READ ONLY Tablespaces between Databases
16-Documentation bugs during pre-requisite checks on Solaris
Luo Donghua-Documentation Bug for Oracle database installation on Solaris
17-How to report if there was an unrecoverable operation happened?
Catherine Chow-Oracle: What is an Unrecoverable Data File?
18-How to use latch classes in case you really want to change the spin count and cause minimal effect ?
Craig Shallahamer – Gotta low latch class
19-All about gathering execution plans
Charles Hooper-Execution Plans – What is the Plan, and Where Do I Find It?
Charles Hooper-Execution Plans – What is the Plan, and Where Do I Find It 2?
Charles Hooper-Execution Plans – What is the Plan, and Where Do I Find It 3?
20-Faulty quotes about %100 CPU utilization ? (comments)
Charles Hooper-Faulty Quotes 6 – CPU Utilization
21-SQL Tuning Advisor generated SQL Profiles and manual sql profile (comments)
Kerry Osborne-Single Hint SQL Profiles
Kerry Osborne-SQL Tuning Advisor Profiles
22-How to do pivoting pre-11G?
Marc Billette-Easy Pivot Query Result in pre-11g Oracle

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February 21, 2010

Blogroll Report 22/01/2009 – 29/01/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 15/01/2010 – 22/01/2010

1-How is upcoming code ignored after select into returns no rows?
Timo Raitalaakso-Select Into

2-How does format command have an impact on SAN?
hpdba-Don’t Blame the Database, part three

3-How to sort “Transport endpoint is not connected” error with DBFS?
Kevin Closson-Oracle Database 11g Database File System (DBFS). Common DBFS Problems and Solutions. Part I.

4-Internals of goldengate extract process when ASM is used
Alex Fatkulin-Oracle GoldenGate Extract Internals, Part II

5-How to sort ‘PLAN_TABLE’ is old version problem
Jonathan Lewis-old plan table

6-How to configure DNS for SCAN in 11GR2 for personal tests ? (easier zone configuration with H2N )
Harald van Bredeerode-How to setup a private DNS for your virtual cluster

7-How to use column aliases with SQL queries? (comments)
Jonathan Lewis-Aliases

8-PGA aggregate target and swap relationship
Krishna Manoharan-ora-4030 errors and swap sizing on DataWarehousing platforms

9-How to customise getid for PL/SQL?
Mike Smithers-Customising gedit for PL/SQL on Ubuntu 9.10

10-PSU dependancy checking can cause problems in 11G
John Hallas-PSU dependancy checking with ASM now enforced in 11G

11-How to syncronize out of sync tables with logical standby.
Anand Prakash-Logical Standby Out of SYNC

12-There is 1 working Oracle TNS Listener among nearly 69,000 random IP addresses.
Dennis Yurichev-Random Oracle hosts statistics

13-How to export resultset to CSV with function?
Damir Vadas-SQL based export data to file

14-How to read 10046 raw trace file?
Charles Hooper-10046 Extended SQL Trace Interpretation 2

15-How to move OCR and Moving disk into ASM in 11GR2?
Martin Bach-How to move OCR and voting disks into ASM

16-Direct path reads with non parallel queries in 11G and 10949 event relationship
Craig Shallahamer-The mystery surrounding 11g and direct reads

17-How to chance priority and time quanta of oracle processes?
Krishna Manoharan-Understanding CPU time as oracle wait event

18-Notes on various Oracle Parameters
Charles Hooper-Notes about various Oracle Parameters

19-How does CBO behave with different PX Distribution Methods ?
Christian Antognini-Does the Query Optimizer Cost PX Distribution Methods?

20-How to set up your own free ASH ?
Kyle Hailey-ASH simulation Scripts (SASH and SASHMON)

21-Redo related wait events
Kyle Hailey-Oracle Redo log waits

22-How to use windowing aggregate functions for avoiding self join?
Luo Donghua-Performance Tuning using Windowing Aggregate Functions to avoid table self-join

23-Information about policy managed database in 11GR2
Martin Bach-Policy managed databases

24-ASSM oddities with insert after uncommitted delete
Charles Hooper-Database using ASSM Tablespace Exhibits Slow Insert Performance After an Uncommitted Delete

25-Tips and tricks about some Oracle topics
Charles Hooper- Neat Tricks

26-Different CBO behaviours for functions in SQLs
Randolf Geist-When your projection is not cost-free

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February 12, 2010

Blogroll Report 15/01/2009 – 22/01/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 08/01/2010 – 15/01/2010

1-How to install grid control on OEL?
Tim Hall-Grid Control ( on OEL 4.8 x86_64…

2-How to get around from “Cannot open your terminal ‘/dev/pts/” with screen command ?
Martin Bach-screen fails with “Cannot open your terminal ‘/dev/pts/x’ – please check.”

3-How to use case instead of if ?
Alex Nuijten-The Case for the Case Statement

4-How to sort “clssnmLocalJoinEvent: takeover aborted due to ALIVE node on Disk” on RAC?
Murali Vallath-OCR Repair

5-How to solve Data Pump “ORA-39021: Database compatibility version XXXX is not supported.” problem?
Mike Rothouse-Oracle 11g Data Pump

6-StaticConnectIdentifier for dataguard environments in 11G
Asanga Pradeep-VIP, Dataguard Broker & RAC-

7-How does session PGA usage behaves when session gives error?
Charles Hooper-PGA Memory – The Developer’s Secret Weapon for Stealing All of the Memory in the Server

8-How to get around from ORA-14074 with exchange partition ?
Marko Sutic-ORA-14074 when adding partition at the beginning of a table

9-How to use bind variables and arrays with Python for best Oracle performance ?
Guy Harrison-Best practices with Python and Oracle

10-How does “coalesce_sq” hint works in 11GR2?
Timur Akhmedeev-Coalesce_SQ

11-How does in memory parallel execution works in 11GR2?
Mark Rittman-In-Memory Parallel Execution in Oracle Database 11gR2

12-Fundamentals of table compression for data warehousing ?
Greg Rahn-The Core Performance Fundamentals Of Oracle Data Warehousing – Table Compression

13-How to visualize live Oracle Performance data in scrolling graphs with excel?
Charles Hooper- Excel – Scrolling Oracle Performance Charts

14-How to gather current temp usage of active sessions and workaround for v$sort_usage sqlid column?
Kerry Osborne-Temp Usage

15-Syslogd prevents Oracle HAS fail to start
Surachart Opun-Oracle HAS startup failed, After stop syslogd

16-How to improve performance with pipelined functions?
Adrian Billington-improving performance with pipelined table functions

17-Internals of goldengate extract process
Alext Fatkulin-Oracle GoldenGate Extract Internals, Part I

18-Clusterware Upgrade Story from 10.2 to 11.2
Martin Bach-Upgrade Clusterware 10.2 to 11.2

19-How to use logon triggers for preventing access of certain programs ?
Damir Vadas-Trace Analyzer “Directory alias does not exist in DBA_DIRECTORIES”

20-Controlfile sequential reads caused by subquery factoring
Timur Akhadeev –Control File Sequential Read

21-Why does Full table scans do not read blocks up to high water mark sometimes?
Charles Hooper-How Many Topics can be Packed into a Short OTN Thread?

22-How to set up Data Guard with Grid Control for 11GR2 DB?
Tim Hall- Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Data Guard Setup using Oracle Grid Control

23-How to sort -ORA-01102: cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode?
Muhammed Arju-ORA-01102: cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode

Blogroll Report 22/01/2010 – 29/01/2010 –>

February 2, 2010

Blogroll Report 08/01/2009 – 15/01/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 01/01/2010 – 08/01/2010

1-How to use v$sesstat when wait interface is not enough?
Tanel Poder-Beyond Oracle Wait Interface – Part 2

2-How to get Oracle process info from OS on Windows?
Charles Hooper-Drilling into Session Detail from the Operating System – On the Windows Platform

Charles Hooper-Drilling into Session Detail from the Operating System – On the Windows Platform 2

3-How does force_match work with SQL_PROFILEs?
Jonathan Lewis-force_match

4-How to report bar chart of frequency histograms in sqlplus ?
Guy Harrison-Histograms of histograms

5-How to get around from _pga_max_size limitation?
Kelly Pedersen-When PGA Size is Not Enough

6-How to drill down and detail sys_time_model data ? –Highly Recommended
Charles Hooper- Working with Oracle’s Time Model Data

Charles Hooper-Working with Oracle’s Time Model Data 2

7-Diagnosing CBC Latches and their causes and possible solutions
Kyle Hailey-Oracle Waits – latch : cache buffer chains

8-Oracle and Netapp best practices
Neil Gerren-Oracle on NetApp White Papers

9-How to setup dataguard with OEM Grid Control?
Porus Homi Havewala-Easy Disaster Proof Production

10-How does execution plan gathering can be wrong?
Charles Hooper-Explain Plan Lies, Autotrace Lies, TKPROF Lies, What is the Plan?

11-How to drop partitions from interval partitioned table?
Harald van Breederode-dropping inverval partitions

12-How does Join Elimination works in 11G for unnecessary self joins?
Christian Antognini-Join Elimination

13-How to recover from “ORA-00752: recovery detected a lost write of a data block” on Standby in 11G?
Mladin Modrakovic-ORA-00752 on standby and DB_ULTRA_SAFE parameter

14-How to troubleshoot buffer busy waits?
Kyle Hailey-Oracle Wait: Buffer Busy Wait

15-CPU cost and execution time relationship
Richard Foote-The CPU Costing Model: A Few Thoughts Part V (Reality)

16-Global Index behaviour with DDL on empty partitions?
Hemant K Chitale-DDL on Empty Partitions — are Global Indexes made UNUSABLE ?

17-How does RELY clause works with foreign key constraints?
Timo Raitalaakso-Rely constraint validated mess

18-How to hide sql query from spool file ?
Martin Bach-hide SQL query in spool file

19-How to use DBBS API’s ?
Tim Hall-Oracle Database File System (DBFS) PL/SQL APIs

20-Introduction to Oracle Analytic Functions
Adrian Billington-introduction to 8i analytic functions

21-How does not null constraint effect updates with subqueries?
Charles Hooper-The Effects of Potential NULL Values in Row Sources During Updates Using an IN Subquery

22-How to rename cloned ASM diskgroups in 10GR2 – 11GR2 renamedg alternative?
Martin Bach-Rename cloned diskgroup in Oracle 10.2

23-Possible reason begin poor performing first_rows_n ?
Jonathan Lewis- first_rows_N again

24-Side effects of setting db_file_multiblock_read_count on 10GR2 and above

25-How to do what if analysis for index clustering factor?
Randolf Geist-CLUSTERING_FACTOR What-If Analysis

26-11GR2 edition based redefinition detailed analysis
Christian Antognini-Edition Based Redefinition

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January 20, 2010

Blogroll Report 01/01/2009 – 08/01/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 25/12/2009 – 01/01/2010

1-How to sort getting “ORA-00942: table or view does not exist” with procedures of users with DBA roles ?
Damir Vadas-ORA-00942 and “AUTHID CURRENT_USER”

2-How to secure hashed passwords?
John Hallas-The need to ensure that hashed password values are safe

3-How to workaround “ERROR-400Data will be rejected for upload from agent max size limit for direct load exceeded”?
Kellyn Pedersen-ERROR-400Data will be rejected for upload from agent ‘https://:/emd/main/’, max size limit for direct load exceeded [6827354/5242880]

4-Numeric Segment names in DBA_SEGMENTS table
Anand Prakash-Segment name – Numeric

5-How to trace/debug oracle data guard?
Miladin Modrakovic-Tracing Oracle Data Guard

6-How to tune via VST diagrams and manual tuning by NO_MERGE hint example?
Kyle Hailey-Visually Identifying SQL Optimizer Weaknesses

7-Flashback can be disabled automatically
John Hallas-Flashback disabled automatically – a minor rant

8-How to configure Oracle Database File System-DBFS on Linux?
Tim Hall-Oracle Database File System (DBFS) in Oracle Database 11g Release 2

9-CPU Speed and CPU Costing Model Relationship
Richard Foote-The CPU Costing Model: A Few Thoughts Part IV (Map of the Problematique)

10-How to get list of available command types ?
Martin Widlake-More on COMMAND_TYPE values

11-How to copy stats between objects ?
Jonathan Lewis-Copy Stats

12-How to force Oracle to scan only single datafile for manual parallelization ?
Jonathan Lewis-Pseudo Parallel

13-Locking mode behaviour change in 11G for unindexed foreign key columns
Charles Hooper-Deadlock on Oracle 11g but Not on 10g

14-Tests on using date or number for date datatype and different optimizer behaviours
Charles Hooper-DATE Datatype Or NUMBER Datatype – Which Should be Used?

Blogroll Report 08/01/2010 – 15/01/2010 –>

January 8, 2010

Blogroll Report 25/12/2009 – 01/01/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 18/12/2009 – 25/12/2009

1-How do function based indexes using date functions behave for different NLS session settings?
Gary Myers-Happy New Year and fun with dates

2-How does CPU count initialization parameter work?
Lua Donghua-CPU_COUNT initialization parameter

3-Pocket Reference Guide for ASM
Charles Kim-ASM Pocket Reference Guide

4-Pocket Reference Guide for RAC
Charles Kim-Real Application Clusters (RAC) Pocket Reference Guide

5-How many rows are sorted and how much memory used by your query?
Jonathan Lewis-Short Sorts

6-How much memory used per program ?
Ronny Egner-How much memory is being used per program

7-Why does streams appyl process perform well in 11GR2 (oracle internals)?
Alex Fatkulin-Oracle Streams Apply Process changes in 11GR2

8-How to toubleshoot “ORA-00304: requested INSTANCE_NUMBER is busy” in a non-RAC environment?
Arup Nanda-Instance_Number is busy Message during Standby Instance Startup

9-Tom Kyte’s thoughts about Edition Based Redefinition and deferred segment creation
Thomas Kyte-A Closer Look at the New Edition

10-How to work with hybrid columnar compression in Exadata V2?
Arup Nanda-Compressing Columns

11-How to relocate grid infrastructure installation in 11GR2?
Rene Kundersma-Relocating Grid Infrastructure

12-All about grouping
Rob Van Wijk-Paper abput grouping

13-How to use dbms_metadata on objects other than dual?
Jonathan Lewis-DBMS_METADATA

14-How can system stats collection or manually setting mbrc cause performance problems ?
Charles Hooper-High Value for MBRC Causes High BCHR, High CPU Usage, and Slow Performance

15-How to get peeked binds from OTHER_XML column of V$SQL_PLAN?
Dominic Brooks-SQL_PLAN – other_xml

16-How to track down plan changes with AWR?
Dominic Brooks-Plans gone AWRy

17-How to solve CRS is not installed on any of the nodes, reported by cluvf, problem?
Amit Bansal-Cluvfy Reports CRS not Installed on Nodes

18-Data pump tips for parallel and compress
Rajeev Ramdas Thottathil-Datapump export and import – parallel and compress

19-Performance of IGNORE_ROW_ON_DUPKEY_INDEX in 11GR2
Guy Harrison-The 11GR2 IGNORE_ROW_ON_DUPKEY_INDEX hint

20-How to install 11GR2 RAC on Linux Using NFS?
Tim Hall-Oracle Database 11g Release 2 RAC On Linux Using NFS

21-How to configure DNS for SCAN in 11GR2 for personal tests?
Tim Hall-DNS Configuration for the SCAN used with Oracle RAC Database 11g Release 2

22-How to use Analytical Functions for certain complex problems ?
Charles Hooper-SQL – DENSE_RANK, PERCENT_RANK, and COUNT Analytical Functions

Charles Hooper-SQL – COUNT Analytical Function, GROUP BY, HAVING

Charles Hooper-SQL – RANK, MAX Analytical Functions, DECODE, SIGN

23-How does CBO behave for deleting rows with exists or in and which one is better?
Charles Hooper-Which is Most Efficient when Deleting Rows: EXISTS, IN, or a VIEW

24-Possible workaround for “ORA-15077:could not locate ASM instance serving a required diskgroup”
David Marcos-PRKP-1001 : Error starting instance …. followed by CRS-0215

Blogroll Report 01/01/2010 – 08/01/2010 –>

January 6, 2010

Blogroll Report – 18/12/2009-25/12/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 11/12/2009 – 18/12/2009

1-How to change Linux Hostname for using with ASM and Oracle Restart in 11GR2?
Martin Nash-11.2 Oracle Restart – Changing Hostname

2-Temp Table Transformation disappears with RPC
Randolf Geist-TEMP Table Transformation and Remote Procedure Calls

3-Transforming queries for ensuring Partition Pruning?
Martin Widlake-
Ensuring Correlated Partition Exclusion #2

4-Buggy behaviour DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_AWR over certain amount of lines.
Dominic Brooks-DBMS_XPLAN display issues

5-How to migrate from RBO to CBO for 11G upgrade
Optimizer Group-Ugrading from 9i to 11g and the implicit migration from RBO

6-How to generate costumized trace files with dbms_system.ksdddt?
Luo Donghua-Using dbms_system.ksdddt to write customized trace file

7-How to see optimizer features in your current release (v$system_fix_control)?
Jonathan Lewis-Optimizer Features

8-How to gather historic sar type info from AWR snaps?
Martin Widlake-Using AWR data for OS information

9-How to install Oracle 11GR2 on Open Solaris ?
Andrey Goryunov-Oracle 11.2 Silent Installation on OpenSolaris?

10-How to compare values of multiple columns of a table automatically?
Garry Myers-Wide records in history tables – Squeezing the Juice

11-How to extend password expire time?
Amin Jaffer-How to extend and account password whose password is expiring

12-What effects maximum throughput capacity?
Greg Rahn-The Core Performance Fundamentals Of Oracle Data Warehousing – Balanced Hardware Configuration

13-How to sort “ORA-01841:(full) year must be between -4713 and +9999, and not be 0” during point in time recovery ?
Marko Sutic-Point in Time Recovery fails with ORA-01841 on Oracle 10.2 SE

14-How to sort “ORA-12005:may not schedule automatic refresh for times in the past” during for job scheduler
Luo Donghua-ORA-12005: may not schedule automatic refresh for times in the past

15-Compressed Btree indexes vs Bitmap indexes
Jonathan Lewis-Btree/Bitmap

16-How to diagnose global cache performance ? -Scripts collection
Riyaj Shamsudeen-RAC performance tuning: Understanding Global cache performance

17-Deadlock with Autonomous servererror trigger
Garry Myers-Autonomous SERVERERROR trigger

18-New features summary of 11GR2
Jim Czuprynski-Oracle Database 11g Release 2 New Features Summary, Part 2

19-Test on effects of setting sort_area_size and pga_aggregate target together (long but important read)
Charles Hooper-SORT_AREA_SIZE Affecting Sorts to Disk with PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET Set?
Charles Hooper-SORT_AREA_SIZE Affecting Sorts to Disk with PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET Set 2?

Blogroll Report 25/12/2009 – 01/01/2010 –>

January 2, 2010

Blogroll Report 11/12/2009-18/12/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 04/12/2009 – 11/12/2009

1-Why not to set optimizer_index_cost_adj with CPU costing
Richard Foote-The CPU Costing Model – A Few Thoughts Part II

2-Free alternative to AWR for displaying Top SQL’s and their plans in HTML (SQLA)
Damir Vadas-SQLA-Top SQLs in HTML

3-How to open database with delay ?
Miladin Modrakovic-Open database with delay

4-How does direct NFS performs on solaris 10?
Glenn Fawcett-Direct NFS vs Kernel NFS bake-off with Oracle 11g and Solaris… and the winner is

5-How to improve kernel NFS performance on solaris?
Glenn Fawcett-Kernel NFS fights back… Oracle throughput matches Direct NFS with latest Solaris improvements

6-RAC One Node and client behaviour for different scenarios
Marcin Przepiorowski-Oracle RAC One Node – part 2

7-How to share your TNSNAMES file without OID ?
Matt Canning-Sharing the TNSNAMES.ora file – A Christmas Tale

8-How to compare object structure in 11G with DBMS_METHADATA_COMPARE
chandra Pabbe-Segment Comparison (structure) in Oracle11g

9-How does Database Flash Cache works ?
Kevin Closson – Pardon Me, Where Is That Flash Cache? Part II.

10-How to sort “OPMN process manager failed to start” problem during Grid Control Installation?
Francisco Munoz Alvarez-Error cannot open shared object file when installing Grid Control

11-How to troubleshoot long local login or os thread startup wait event by tracing system calls
Karl Arao- Os Thread Startup

12-How to tune slow outer join by replacing with faster union and analytic functions
Gerwin Hendriksen-How to change an outerjoin query to one without

13-DDL with flashback data archive is buggy and journalling still not possible with
Rob Van Wijk-Journaling using flashback data archives in

14-Performance issues with correlated delete/update statements
John Brady-Correlated Delete & Update

15-How to do complex scheduling with crontab?
Thomas Roach-When cron won’t run a job with the schedule you want.

16-Auto stats gathering of index creation operation is not working for global statistics on partitioned indexes
Christian Antognini-Does create index gather global statistics?

17-What is DBUA0 instance ?
Senthil Rajendran-DBUA0 Instance during 11g Upgrade

18-How does auto cardinality feedback works in 11GR2
Dion Cho-Trivial Research on the Cardinality Feedback on 11gR2

19-How does auto cardinality feedback works in 11GR2? –read the comments
Jonathan Lewis-Adaptive Optimisation ?

20-How to clean up CRS installation manually in 10GR2?
Advait Deo-Manual Cleanup of CRS installation – Oracle CRS 10g R2 (

21-How to use DBMS_TRACE for PL/SQL codes?
Gary Myers-Who caught my error?

22-How to hint sub-queries with qb_name ?
David Kurtz-Hinting Sub-Queries on Oracle

23-How does transitive closure works ?
Sandepp Redkar-Query and Transitive closure

24-How to use DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT in 11GR2
Tim Hall-Auditing Enhancements (DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT) in Oracle Database 11g Release 2

25-How to diagnose and resolve gaps in data guard ?
Arup Nanda-Resolving Gaps in Data Guard Apply Using Incremental RMAN BAckup

26-Ansi Join causes ORA-00918: in 11GR2
Doug Burns-Bug Hunting

27-OPT_PARAM hint behaviour for optimizer_features_enable

28-How to tune by hacking stored outlines ?
Charles Hooper-Tracking Performance Problems – Inserting a Hint into SQL in a Compiled Program

29-How to install Oracle Cluster Health Monitor
Surachart Opun-Oracle Cluster Health Monitor(IPD/OS)

30-How to monitor networking of database operations with Wireshark
Charles Hooper-Network Monitoring Experimentations 1
Charles Hooper-Network Monitoring Experimentations 2

31-How to diagnose “EXP-00002: error in writing to export file ” error?
Mohammad Arju- Export fails with EXP-00002: error in writing to export file

Blogroll Report 18/12/2009 – 25/12/2009 –>

December 23, 2009

Blogroll Report 04/12/2009-11/12/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 27/11/2009 – 04/12/2009

1-How can Oracle trace file be misleading with reported wait times ?

Joze Senegacnik-Measurement Error Trap In Trace File (event 10046)

2-How does One Node RAC work?

Marcin Przepiorowski-Oracle RAC One Node Part 1


Timo Raitalaakso-SQL Tuning reading plans and temp usage

4-How to configure Glance on HP for Oracle?

John Hallas-Using Glance to see Oracle process usage

5-How to backup archivelogs whenyou have connected to RMAN CATALOG server, which connects to both Standby and Primary database?

Lou Donghua-How to backup archivelog in Dataguard environment

6-How does CPU costing model changes access plan with higher cost of FTS comparing to I/O cost model?

Richard Foote-The CPU Costing Model: A Few Thoughts Part I

7-How does _optimizer_extended_cursor_sharing_rel causes reparsing in 11GR2?

Grégory Guillou-Hidden and Undocumented “Cardinality Feedback”

8-How does scalar functions behave in SQL’s with different type of calling?

Martin Widlake-Scalar Functions Not Behaving as Scalar Functions

9-SYS_GUID() vs Sequences

Ron Van Wijk-SYS_GUID()

10-How to configure persistent device names for the OCR and voting disks ?

Ronny Egner-Persistent device naming (or binding) for running RAC on Linux (10g R2 clusterware and above)

11-How to configure logminer with flat files option?

Martin Bach-My first contact with the log miner

12-How to recreate standby controlfile when using ASM?

Martin Bach-Recreate the standby controlfile when using ASM

13-How to filter SQLs in V$SQLAREA/V$SQL with COMMAND_TYPE values?

Martin Widlake-COMMAND_TYPE values

14-How to enable DDL Logging to Alert Log in 11GR2?

Luo Donghua-11g new feature: enable_ddl_logging parameter

15-How to check applied CPU and bundled patches inside database?

Luo Donghua-How to check whether CPU and/or Windows Bundle patch applied to database

16-How to move materialized views and materialized view logs between tablespaces?

Anand Prakash-Alter Materialized View Move

17-How does Correlated Partition Exclusion performs in practice?

Martin Widlake –Ensuring Correlated Partition Exclusion

18-How to solve ORA-12034 on remote host ?

Howard Rogers-Broken Materialized Views and ORA-12034

19-How to track down parameter changes via AWR and how to estimate AWR storage needs?

Kerry Osborne-Tracking Parameter Changes

20-How does rownum filter can effect execution plans ?

Charles Hooper-CBO oddities in determining selectivity on NVARCHAR2 data type

22-What does SYS_OP_C2C internal function shown in explain plan predicate information, do?

Joze Senegacnik-What is the purpose of SYS_OP_C2C internal function?

23-How does 11GR2 APPEND_VALUES hint do with redo generation?


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