Coskan’s Approach to Oracle


These are the Oracle DBA related database blogs I am following.

The OPML file of my blogroll (Last Update 23/10/2009)

About Oracle
A! Help
Alejandro Vargas’ Blog
AMIS Technology blog
An Expert’s Guide to Database Solutions
Andrejus Baranovskis’s Blog
Andrew Fraser DBA
Annals of Oracle’s Improbable Errors
Ardent Performance Computing » Technical
AristaDBA’s Oracle Blog…. » internals
Ask Mr. Ed – ORACLE Weblog
BOBABLOG: Oracle, PHP and Extreme Programming
Chris Warticki’s Blog – Oracle Support
Christian Bilien’s Oracle performance and tuning blog
Database Geek Blog – Oracle, Databases, SQL, news, views, articles and in-depth analysis
Dion Cho – Oracle Performance Storyteller
DJ’s blog
Doug’s Oracle Blog
Eddie Awad’s Blog
Emre Baransel – Oracle Blog
Eye on Oracle
Frankie goes to Hollywood
Frits Hoogland Weblog
Glenn Fawcett’s Weblog
H.Tonguç Yılmaz – Oracle Blog
Halis way
Hemant’s Oracle DBA Blog
I’m just a simple DBA on a complex production system
Inside the Oracle Optimizer – Removing the black magic
Jaffar Oracle blog
James’s Blog
Jared Still’s Ramblings
Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave
Kamran Agayev’s Oracle Blog
Karl Arao’s Blog
Kerry Osborne’s Oracle Blog
Khurram Siddiqui
Laurent Schneider
lutz hartmann as sysdba
Mary Ann Davidson Blog
Mike R’s Blog
Mike’s PL/SQL Notes
Miladin Modrakovic’s Blog: Oraclue
Miracle Benelux
Monty Orme – Working to live!
My Oracle EBS Dba Blog
My Oracle World
Niall Litchfield’s blog
On The Peoplesoft Road
Online Apps DBA
ORA600 – Never a DUL moment with DUDE
Oracle Admins weblog
Oracle and more – Amardeep Sidhu
Oracle Blog
Oracle by Madrid
Oracle Database Experts
Oracle database internals by Riyaj
Oracle DBA – A lifelong learning experience
Oracle DBA and Apps DBA blog
Oracle DBA Place
Oracle DBA tips
Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control
Oracle in World
Oracle Musings
Oracle Newbie DBA
Oracle Newbies Blog
Oracle NZ – Francisco Munoz Alvarez
Oracle related stuff
Oracle Scratchpad
Oracle Technology
Oracle Technology Network Technical Articles
Oracle Tips by David Fitzjarrell
Oracle Today
Oracle WTF
Oracloid Blog
OraNA ::
OraNA :: Database Applications Development
OraNA :: Database Management and Performance
OraNA :: Executives
OraNA :: General
OraNA :: General
OraNA :: Linux, Scripting and Open Source
OraNA :: Oracle News Aggregator
OraNA :: Oracle News Aggregator » Announcements
OraNA :: Security – Martin Decker
Pete Finnigan’s Oracle security weblog
Peter K’s Blog
Pythian Group Blog
Radio Free Tooting
Radoslav Rusinov’s Oracle Blog
Ric Ramblings
Richard Foote’s Oracle Blog
Richard To’s Blog
Rittman Mead Consulting
Robert G. Freeman’s Blog
Seven Seconds
SimonK’s Oracle Blog
So What Co-operative
Stephen’s Oracle Blog
Steve Karam :: The Oracle Alchemist
Steven Feuerstein’s Blog
Striving for Optimal Performance
Structured Data
Sue’s Blog… again…
Surachart Opun’s Blog
Tanel Poder’s blog: Core IT for Geeks and Pros
The Arup Nanda Blog
The Database Column
The Dutch Prutser’s Blog
The Eric S. Emrick Blog
The great grandson of Husnu Sensoy
The Helsinki Declaration (IT-version)
The Momen Blog
The Oracle Sponge
The Tom Kyte Blog
Tony Andrews on Oracle and Databases
Vidya Bala’s Blog
We Do Not Use Blogs
Welcome to the database wizard!
William Robertson
Yet Another Oracle DBA
Yet Another Oracle DBA Blog

Last updated 05/005/2009


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