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March 10, 2010

Blogroll Report 05/02/2009 – 12/02/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 29/01/2010 – 05/02/2010

1-How to simulate Oracle errors with simulator events

Dennis Yurichev-Oracle RDBMS internal self-testing features

2-How to decode dates in histograms?

Martin Widlake-Format of Date Histograms

3-How to decide the value of datafile resize option ?

Jonathan Lewis-Shrink Tablespace

4-All about network wait events

Kyle Hailey-Oracle: Network Waits

5-When does manual logfile switch trigger complete checkpoint ?


6-When does “alter system archive log current” trigger checkpoint?


7-How to secure java in Oracle and how to test public revocation?

Paul Wright-Securing Java In Oracle and DBMS_JVM_EXP_PERMS

8-Difference between case and decode in terms of trimming

Timo Raitalaakso-Equality -comparing text

9-How to upgrade ASM 10.2 to 11.2 single instance

Martin Bach-Upgrade ASM 10.2 to 11.2 single instance

10-How to use resumable operations in Oracle

Stewart Bryson-Data Warehouse Fault Tolerance Part 1: Resuming

11-How to restart your ETL process with restore points ?

Stewart Bryson-Data Warehouse Fault Tolerance Part 2: Restarting

12-How to use incremental backup for no logging operations for recovery in DW environments?

Stewart Bryson-Data Warehouse Fault Tolerance Part 2: Restoring

13-Beginners guide to index block dumps and treedumps Part-1

Richard Foote-Index Block Dumps and Index Tree Dumps Part I: (Knock On Wood)

14-NVL and COALESCE performance comparison?

Scott Wesley-Short-circuit Evaluations – moving away from NVL

Scott Wesley-One more COALESCE vs NVL example to finish the week

15-How to drill down and detail sys_time_model data vs2?

Charles Hooper-Working with Oracle’s Time Model Data 3

16-How to put gather_plan_statistics hint without changing the code by sql profiles?

Kerry Osborne-gather_plan_statistics

17-How to check/extract unsuccessful connection attempts in listener_log ?

Martin Bach-Check for non-successful connection attempts in listener.log

18-Why does Oracle use undo when there is already redo logs? (Must read)

Jonathan Lewis-Why Undo?

19-How to configure ASYNC-IO on HP/UX?

John Hallas-OER 27064: cannot perform async I/O to file – HPUX

20-How to convert cross platform single instance to RAC with RCONFIG?

Syed Jaffar Hussain-My experience of converting a cross platform (AIX to HP) single instance database to RAC using RCONFIG tool

21-How to backup Oracle to cloud storage ?

Alisher Yuldashev –Let Your Oracle Backups Be Up in the Clouds

22-Fundemantals of Performance Tuning (Must read)

Cary Milsap-Thinking Clearly About Performance

23-Solutions to Permission problems with fuse and DBFS

Kevin Closson-Oracle Database 11g Database
File System (DBFS). Common DBFS Problems and Solutions. Part II.

24-How to send execution plan to excell and show execution plans on web

Charles Hooper-Automated DBMS_XPLAN, Trace, and Send to Excel

25-Weird Transitive Closure behaviour in execution plan which causes ignorance of hints

Jonathan Lewis-Ignoring Hints-2

26-How to do initial server pool configuration before database creation in 11GR2?

Martin Bach-Server Pool experiments in RAC 11.2

27-Problems with usage of Append_Values and solutions

Gary Myers-Append Values and how not to break the database

28-How does Subquery factoring work?

Tim Hartley-Getting Recursive

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