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March 18, 2010

Blogroll Report 12/02/2009 – 19/02/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 05/02/2010 – 12/02/2010

1-How does new nested loop join works in 11G? Where did that extra nested loop join came?
Luo Donghua-New Implementation for Nested Loop Joins (11g onwards)

2-Limits of Oracle Database
Eddie Awad-Oracle Database Limits You May Not Know About

3-Solution to “Hard Limit: maximum user processes” error in 11GR2 on Solaris
Vitaliy Mogilevskiy-11gR2 install fails with “Hard Limit: maximum user processes” error

4-Slow statistic gathering on partitions caused by missing stats on global index
Martin Widlake-Stats Need Stats to Gather Stats

5-How to solve “Index Leaf Block contention” and “gc buffer busy waits” in RAC caused by Sequences
Joel Goodman-Tell RAC to Leave Your Leaves Alone

6-How to clone Database with ZFS file system ?
Ronny Egner-Creating database clones with ZFS really FAST

7-How to sort failed user drop for user with quote in its name.
Mike Smithers-Dropping quoted users – why sometimes Oracle can’t bear to say goodbye

8-How to install Oracle 11GR2 on ZFS for test ?
Martin Bach-It is indeed possible to install Oracle 11.2 on OpenSolaris

9-How to monitor dNFS traffic by sampling the v$dnfs_stats view in 11G?
Glenn Fawcett-Simple script to monitor dNFS activity

10-How to drop database including backups using RMAN. ?
Anand Prakash-Drop Database using RMAN

11-How to add third node (software) in 11GR2 RAC?
Martin Bach-Build your own RAC system part V – add RDBMS home

12-How to Determine which First Rows OPTIMIZER_MODE was Specified?
Charles Hooper-How to Determine which First Rows OPTIMIZER_MODE was Specified

13-Where does that select from dual comes from when doing merge insert ?
Timur Akhmadeev-Silent ORA-904 on MERGE

14-ASH viewer tool
Timus Akhmadeev-ASH Viewer

15-Unusual temporary object (TO) locks when spatial is installed
Jonathan Lewis-TO Locks

16-Locking problem/bug while locking parent table exclusively when locking child is disabled
Jonathan Lewis-Lock Horror

17-How does nologging work with indexes?
Hemant K Chitale-Some Common Errors – 3 – NOLOGGING and Indexes

18-How to read/interpret Error Stack (ORA-0600) output/log?
Tanel Poder-How to read ERRORSTACK output

19-How to use DTrace for diagnosing Oracle problems
James Morle-The Oracle Wait Interface Is Useless (sometimes) – part 3b

20-How do truncate/move/rebuild effect statistics on table and indexes
Hemank K Chitale-Table and Index Statistics with MOVE/REBUILD/TRUNCATE

21-How does and execution plan change when statistics remain same? (comments ***)
Richard Foote-How Does An Execution Plan Suddenly Change When The Statistics (And Everything Else) Remains The Same ? (In Limbo)

22-What is/isn’t the main rule to build bitmap index?
Riachar Foote-Myth: Bitmap Indexes With High Distinct Columns (Blow Out)

23-Inconsistency with v$filestat output prior to 11GR2
Charles Hooper-V$Filestat is wrong

24-How to partition a table online with dbms_redefinition?
Uwe Hesse-Partitioning a table online with DBMS_REDEFINITION

25-What is %CPU in explain plan output?
Charles Hooper-What is the Meaning of the %CPU Column in an Explain Plan?

26-How to read/interpret errorstack output ?
Tanel Poder-How to read erorstack output;

27-How to cancel a query running in another session?
Tanel Poder-How to CANCEL a query running in another session?

28-Resource compilation for parallel querying
Charles Hooper-Parallel Reasoning

29-Problem with VPD-ANYDATA column overflows into the DATE field
Charles Schultz-VPD + bad ANYDATA practices can really bite

30-How to install Golden Gate for test purposes?
Gleb Otochkin-Oracle GoldenGate Installation, Part 1

31-Statistics on Partitioned Tables with default settings
Doug Burns-Statistics on Partitioned Tables – Part1

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