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July 16, 2010

Blogroll Report 09/07/2010 – 16/07/2010

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Note: I have gazillion non read blog posts on my list but I gave up waiting to read them in order so I am starting to continue from this week.  I hope if I find time I will add them retrospectively.

1-How does dropping and creating tables on read only tablespaces work?
Tanel Poder-Dropping and creating tables in read only tablespaces?!

2-How to present oracle statistics in charts using VB Script ?
Charles Hooper-Oracle Statistics Chart Viewer

3-How to add dependency to cluster resources ? Adding ASM dependency to Instance ?
Murali Vallath-10gR2., adding dependency to applications/resources managed by CRS

4-How to install systemtap on OEL5-update-5 and sample script?
Frits Hoogland-Installing systemtap on OEL5, update 5

5-Restrictions on Table and Index Compression
Randolf Geist-Compression Restrictions

6-Oracle Outer joins and Ansi Equivalents
Maria Colgan-Outerjoins in Oracle

7-Oracle on Windows – Important bits
Charles Hooper-Windows as an OS Platform for Oracle Database – Where Do I Start?

8-Introduction to Fragmentation in Oracle
Jonathan Lewis-Fragmentation-1

9-How do we syncronize changes, happening while the initial data load extract process is in operation with goldengate?
Gavin Soorma-GoldenGate – Online Change Synchronization with the initial data load

10-What is the difference between RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR and RAISE?

11-How does ASM mirroring work? Hot spare capacity instead of hot spare disk?
Jeremy Schneider-ASM Mirroring – No Hot Spare Disk

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