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April 29, 2010

Blogroll Report 12/03/2010 – 19/03/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 05/03/2010 – 12/03/2010

1-POC for adding additional VIP network to RAC for isolating the traffic?
Murali Vallath-10gR2 RAC – POC – additional VIP to isolate network traffic

2-How to install 11GR2 on Ubuntu 9.10?
Mike Smitthers-Installing Oracle 11gR2 on Ubuntu 9.10

3-How to install Oracle ACFS on CentOS?
Marcin Przepiorowski-Oracle ACFS on CentOS

4-Adaptive Cursor Sharing behaviour with different cursor_sharing parameter value
Optimizer Development Group-Explain adaptive cursor sharing behavior with cursor_sharing = similar and force.

5-Difference between rebuilding a valid index and an unusable index
Hemant K Chitale-ALTER INDEX indexname REBUILD.

6-How to add EM console into clusterware resource control?
Ronny Egner-Integrate EM Console Startup/Shutdown into Clusterware Control

7-Logical corruption bug with deferrable constraints
Alex Fatkulin- Deferrable constraints in Oracle 11gR2 may lead to logically corrupted data

8-How does SCAN work on 11GR2?
Joel Goodman-Scan you listen to this

9-How to personalize login.sql for different users?
Sean Molloy-conditional login.sql in the SQLPATH

10-How to increase process priority within Oracle with _high_priority_processes?
Kerry Osborne-Increasing Priority of lgwr Process using _high_priority_processes

11-Ora-01555 via DB link is not captured with Ora-1555 trigger
Yu “Denis” Sun-How to find out which session caused ORA-01555?

12-Numa architecture with Oracle
Kevin Closson-You Buy a NUMA System, Oracle Says Disable NUMA! What Gives? Part I.

Blogroll Report 19/03/2010 – 26/03/2010–>

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