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March 21, 2010

Blogroll Report 19/02/2010 – 26/02/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 12/02/2010 – 19/02/2010

1-How to use opatch util cleanup option to remove unnecessary old patch files from disk?
Harold Van Breederode-Why does the size of my ORACLE_HOME increase?

2-When does Oracle update CPU usage statistics ?
Charles Hooper-CPU Usage Monitoring – What are the Statistics and when are the Statistics Updated?

3-How to use dbms_service to stop a service in RAC for diagnosing service problems?
Martin Bach-RAC service weirdness

4-Why to gather global statistics at table and partition level instead of just subpartition level in 10G?
Doug Burns-Statistics on Partitioned Tables – Part 2

5-How to hack Oracle from the web? (Highly recommended good summary of injection methods)?
Sumit Siddarth-Really good whitepaper about “Hacking Oracle from the Web”

6-Global stats will not aggregated until you gather statistics for all subpartitions when using subpartition granularity
Doug Burns- Statistics on Partitioned Tables – Part 3

7-How to manually convert single instance database to RAC ?
Advait Deo-Converting a Single Instance Database to RAC Manually – Oracle RAC 10g

Martin Widlake-Missing SQL in AWR/ASH

9-How to prevent SQL Injection?
OWASP-SQL Injection Prevention Cheat Sheet

10-How to prevent a User from changing SYS/SYSTEM privilege?
Alexander Kornbrust-How to Prevent a User Granted the ALTER USER Privilege From Changing SYS/SYSTEM password and how to bypass it

11-How does statement queueing work with automatic degree of parallelism in 11GR2?
Jean Pierre Dijcks-Auto DOP and Parallel Statement Queuing

12-Parallel execution Fundamentals in 11GR2 (whitepaper PDF)
Oracle-Parallel execution Fundamentals in 11GR2

13-How does error based SQL injection work?
Alexander Kornburst-2 New ways to create error messages

14-Possible solution for OUI-10150 error during RAC installation
Martin Bach-Watch those environment variables

15-How to detect which column is giving ORA-01722 error?
Gary Myers-Do you know about DBMS_SQL.LAST_ERROR_POSITION

16-How to diagnose Advance Queue problem ? (problem with process of messages from SYS$SERVICE_METRICS QUEUE)
Jacco H. Landlust-Contention problems with AQ

17-How to automate adding of public key to the remote server for passwordless ssh-scp?
Ruslan Dautkhanov-passwordless ssh scp login (host-based authentication)

18-How can a composite index cannot be unique while leadingkey can be unique itself?
Hemant K Chitale-Something Unique about Unique Indexes

19-How to hide (obsecure) your passwords in shell scripts ? (recommended)
Ahbaid Gaffoor-Hiding Passwords – Security By Obscurity

20-How to manage memory on VMWARE ESX for Oracle ?
Guy Harrison-Memory Management for Oracle databases on VMWare ESX

21-How does different types of dynamic sampling hint work?
Jonathan Lewis- Dynamic Sampling

22-How do mutexes sleep ?
Craig Shallahamer-How mutexes sleep?

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