Coskan’s Approach to Oracle

May 23, 2010

Blogroll Report 26/03 /2010 – 02/04/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 19/03/2010 – 26/03/2010

1-How, adding another index can cause performance problem ? (AllEqRange can cause wrong index choice)
Vivek Sharma-Cost Based Optimization ! Query Performance Issue after creating a new Index…

2-How to extract sql statements from 10046 tracefile via tkprof?
Hemant K Chitale-Extracting Application / User SQLs from a TraceFile

3-Which one to choose ? Memory Target vs Huge Pages
Ronny Egner-MEMORY_TARGET (SGA_TARGET) or HugePages – which to choose?

4-How does heap block compress statistics increase and what happens when there is space but not at the top of the free space heap?
Jonathan Lewis– Heap Block Compress

5-Where are the database logs located in 10GR2 RAC?
Murali Vallath-Logs in 10GR2 RAC

6-Why to use DBMS_STATS instead of analyze ?
Jonathan Lewis-Analyze this
Jonathan Lewis-Analyze this 2

7-Ways to transfer Oracle files between database when using ASM
Emre Baransel-Transferring Oracle Files Between Databases In ASM

8-How to reclaim unused space in datafiles?
Tim Hall-Reclaiming Unused Space in Datafiles

9-Available Opatch methods in RAC environment
Mohammad Arju-OPatch supported patch methods in RAC environment

10-Performance impact of ATOMIC_REFRESH parameter value for materialized view refreshes
Kubilay Kara-Materialized View Refresh and the ATOMIC_REFRESH parameter

11-How to check whether or not Java privilege attacks have occurred in your database ?
Paul M Wright-Java Forensics in Oracle

12-How to rotate alert logs via ADRCI
James Koopmann-Rotating Oracle Database’s Alert Log with ADRCI

Blogroll Report 02/04 /2010 – 09/04/2010 –>


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    Comment by sql injection — July 6, 2010 @ 9:15 pm

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