Coskan’s Approach to Oracle

July 19, 2010

Blogroll Report 02/04/2010 – 09/04/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 26/03 /2010 – 02/04/2010

1-How To Format Corrupted Block which is Not Part Of Any Segment?
Michael T. Dinh-logical corruption

2-Different behavior for connect by with UNION and UNION ALL clauses due to bug 6429113
Timur Akhmadeev-connect by oddity

3-How does failed login check on dba_audit_session can cause performance problem ?
Jonathan Lewis-Failed Login

4-How to split big tables for parallel operations ? manual parallelization – similar to Jonathan Lewis Pseudo Parallel
Ruslan Dautkhanov-splitting big tables for parallel operations

5-How to change database name with ASM data structure change ?
Martin Nash-Rename database when using ASM

6-Expert views about gathering statistics
Iggy Fernandez-Statistics How and When ?

7-How does dynamic remastering work in 11GR2-How to do Manual remastering?
Fairlie Rego-Dynamic remastering in 11G

8-How to use 11G SECTION SIZE option for decreasing backup time
John Hallas-Reducing RMAN backup time for unevenly sized tablespaces/

9-XTRACE session trace browser to browse in a tracefile
Alberto Dell’era-Xtrace: an Oracle session trace browser (introduction)

10-Ways to sort problems arrived with new fix (5483301) which changed how non-existing values are treated when there is a frequency histogram on a column / expression.
Randolf Geist-Frequency histograms – edge cases

11-How to avoid unavailability of materialized views during refresh operation
Arup Nanda-Online Materialized View Complete Refresh With Partitions

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