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October 14, 2009

Blogroll Report 02/10/2009-09/10/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 25/09/2009 – 02/10/2009

Everybody is at OOW09 and I am not, this is not fair  😦 .  I hope next year I will make it and meet with people at bloggers meeting.

1-Grid control patch fails when you have “/oracle/product” in your home on Windows

Marcin Przepiorowski-What can happen if you have “\p” in your ORACLE_HOME

2-How to take rolling forward image copy backup?

Asanga Pradeep-Rolling Forward Image Copy Backups

3-Oracle password solver – Can be useful if you dont know the password but the hash

Pete Finnigan-60 million password hashes/second Oracle password cracker available

4-How to create database service on 11gR2?

Surachart Opun-How to create Oracle Service on 11gR2

5-Possible solution “for unable to extend segment in undo tablespace”?

Jonathan Lewis- Undone

6-Problems with data recovery advisor in 11G

Luis Moreno Campos-Advanced Corruption Resolution with RMAN

7-How to do cascaded update on child tables?


8-How to do base conversions to decimal hexadecimal binarc etc?

Thomas Kyte-Base Conversion Routines

9-How to find foreign keys which are not indexed (unindex script)?

Thomas Kyte-Unindexed Foreign Keys

10-How to find who called and what is the caller in a running procedure?

Thomas Kyte-How Can I find out who called me or what my name is?

11-How to unload data to a flat file?

Thomas Kyte-How Can I unload data to a flat file?

12-ORA-01792 at index creation

Timo Raitalaakso-Not overlapping daily

13-How to use Datapump and Diff command for schema comparison?

André Araujo-Free and Easy Schema diff for Oracle

14-What happens when OCR Non-Master cannot see/loose OCR mirror ?

Geert De Paep-Scenario 4: Loss of ocrmirror from the non-OCR MASTER

15-Hash Cluster Problems

Jonathan Lewis-Hash Clusters-2

16-How to do online san storage migration for 11G Rac with ASM?

Ittichai Chammavanijakul-Online SAN Storage Migration for Oracle 11g RAC database with ASM

17-How to configure OLTP with reporting queries using Streams

Alisher Yuldashev-How to configure OLTP with reporting queries

18-Worst Practices for Oracle database security

Pete Finnegan-Oracle Security Worst Practices

19-Interval data type for beginners

Luis Moreno Campos –Everything you wanted to know about INTERVAL datatype but was too guru to ask

20-How to use XStream In ?-New database overall feature of 11GR2

Grégory Guillou-XStream Inbound… A Sample Java Program

21-How to use XStream Out?-New database overall feature of 11GR2

Grégory Guillou-XStream Outbound… A sample Java Program

22-FAQ about XStreams -New database overall feature of 11GR2

Grégory Guillou-My XStream FAQ

Blogroll Report 09/10/2009 – 16/10/2009–>


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