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October 26, 2009

Blogroll Report 16/10/2009-23/10/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 09/10/2009 – 16/10/2009

1-How Intra-Block Row chaining effects consistent gets with tables over 255 columns ? (read Oracle L question as well)

Hemant K Chitale – Some Testing on Intra-Block Row Chaining

2-Consolidation Story of 15 Oracle Databases into 5 RAC nodes

Husnu Sensoy-“How to Achieve All in One with Oracle 11g” Material

3-Oracle Backup Recovery Best Practices

Husnu Sensoy –“Oracle Database Backup-and-Recovery Best Practices and New Features” Material

4-Min Privilege required to run FLUSH_DATABASE_MONITORING_INFO

Martin Widlake –Privileges required to FLUSH_DATABASE_MONITORING_INFO

5-How to see uncommitted transactions ?

Miladin Modrakovic- Uncommitted Transactions

6-Shell Scripting tips summary from OOW09

Chen Shapira-Lessons From OOW09 #1 – Shell Script Tips

7-How to convert Physical Standby into Logical standby when DG Broker in place?

Grégory Guillou-Turning a Physical Standby and its Broker into a Logical Standby

8-New Grid Infrastructure ASM Installation and Scheduler features summary of 11GR2

Jim Czuprynski-Oracle Database 11g Release 2 New Features Summary, Part 1

9-How to escalate an Oracle DB user with CREATE TABLE privilege to OSDBA?


10-How to start a Job When a File Arrives on a System – 11GR2 New Features File Watcher?

Ittichai Chammavanijakul-11gR2 New Feature – File Watchers

11-How to use DBFS-11GR2 New features Database File System?

Ittichai Chammavanijakul-11gR2 New Feature – DBFS Database File System

12-How to Setup 10gRAC with Solaris (IPMP)?

Surachart Opun-How to Setup 10gRAC with Solaris (IPMP)

13-Activating supplemental logging is not replicated to standby db

Freek D’Hooge –Multiple standby databases and supplemental logging

14-Global indexes and partition maintenance operations

David Kurtz-Partition Maintenance with Globally Partitioned Indexes

15-Where to use XML DB?

Marko Gralike-Oracle XML(DB) Use Cases

16-How to reduce redo generation for updates on bitmap indexed columns?

Jonathan Lewis- Bitmap Updates

17-Possible cause of ORA-01008: not all variables bound ?

Marko Sutic-Cursor_sharing=FORCE causing “ORA-01008: not all variables bound” error on Oracle

18-How to use RMAN for moving datafiles between ASM diskgroups?

Surachart Opun-Moving datafile (system) from one ASM Diskgroup to Another

19-Solutions for DTS prblems with DBMS_SCHEDULER

Freek D’Hooge-switching to wintertime

20-IF a package is created such that it is executed with invokers rights then roles are seen in PL/SQL.

Martin Widlake-Accessing Roles in stored PL/SQL

21-Solution to ORA-24062

Frank Van Bortel-ORA-24062 ( Subscriber table inconsistent with queue table)

22-How can index clustering factor can be smaller after index rebuild?

Jonathan Lewis-Quiz Night

23-APPEND hint with values clause behavior in different Oracle versions

Christian Antognini-Hints for Direct-path Insert Statements

24-New flashback query through DDL for Flachback Archive

Uwe Hesse-“Total Recall”: Brief introduction into Flashback Data Archive

25-How does edition based redefinition works?

Jean Pierre Dijcks-Edition Based Redefinition

26-How new density works with frequency histograms?

Alberto Dell’Era-CBO: NewDensity for Frequency Histograms,11g- (densities part IV)


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