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March 5, 2010

Blogroll Report 29/01/2009 – 05/02/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 22/01/2010 – 29/01/2010

1-Oracle 0 day exploit
Miladin Modrakovic-Oracle Exploit Published 11g R2
2-Faulty quotes about Non Default Block Sizes
Charles Hooper-Faulty Quotes 5 – Block Sizes
3-Common mistake done after adding and index to see how it performs
Hemant K Chitale-Some Common Errors – 1 – using COUNT(*)
4-RAC One Node and connection failover handling
Marcin Przepiorowski-Oracle RAC One Node – part 3
5-How to set PCTFREE ?
Anurag Tibrewal-PCTFREE
6-How to use average active sessions and available CPU for tuning ?
Kyle Hailey-Tuning the Application, Database and Hardware
7-How to get workload character of your Database from AWR data?
Karl Arao-Workload characterization using DBA_HIST tables and kSar
8-Flash Cache and Flash drive performance comparisons
Guy Harrison-Flash tablespace vs. DB Flash Cache
9-How to use NMAP for network diagnosing
Frits Hoogland-Must have network diag tool NMAP
10-How to discover device names for LUNs when LUN number is known?
Saurabh Sood-How To Discover Disk Name When LUN Number is Known (OEL5)
11-Parallel queries and sort performance behaviour
Kellyn Pedersen-When Parallel is Wrong
12-How to use CATALOG command to catalog missing tape backups?
Marcin Przepiorowski-RMAN and SBT_TAPE backup pieces – how to catalog it
13-How to audit sys into an OS file owned by root?
Uwe Hesse-How to audit sys into an OS file owned by root
14-How to use dbms_parallel_execute package in 11GR2?
15-How to share read-only tablespaces between databases (comments***)?
Uwe Hesse-Sharing READ ONLY Tablespaces between Databases
16-Documentation bugs during pre-requisite checks on Solaris
Luo Donghua-Documentation Bug for Oracle database installation on Solaris
17-How to report if there was an unrecoverable operation happened?
Catherine Chow-Oracle: What is an Unrecoverable Data File?
18-How to use latch classes in case you really want to change the spin count and cause minimal effect ?
Craig Shallahamer – Gotta low latch class
19-All about gathering execution plans
Charles Hooper-Execution Plans – What is the Plan, and Where Do I Find It?
Charles Hooper-Execution Plans – What is the Plan, and Where Do I Find It 2?
Charles Hooper-Execution Plans – What is the Plan, and Where Do I Find It 3?
20-Faulty quotes about %100 CPU utilization ? (comments)
Charles Hooper-Faulty Quotes 6 – CPU Utilization
21-SQL Tuning Advisor generated SQL Profiles and manual sql profile (comments)
Kerry Osborne-Single Hint SQL Profiles
Kerry Osborne-SQL Tuning Advisor Profiles
22-How to do pivoting pre-11G?
Marc Billette-Easy Pivot Query Result in pre-11g Oracle

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