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March 25, 2010

Blogroll Report 26/02/2010 – 05/03/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 19/02/2010 – 26/02/2010

1-Why does tape backup bigger than disk backup? (Unused block compression)
Shervin Sheidaei-What it is missed when RMAN backuping up to tape ?

2-ORA-27504: when low version databases are in 11GR2 grid infrastructure
Chandra Pabba-ORA-27504 while starting 11gR1 database with 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure

3-How to design efficient SQL ? (must)
Jonathan Lewis-SQL Server 2

4-Difference between RANK, DENSE_RANK and ROW_NUMBER

5-How does clusterware find voting disk when it is in ASM?
Frits Hoogland-Where is voting disk is in ASM

6-How to diagnose disk performance from OS?
John Brady-Which disk is faster?

7-What happens when the flash cache is corrupted?
Surachart Opun-What is happening if flash cache file is corrupted?

8-Undocumented “oradebug patch” interface
Miladin Modrakovic-Patch Utiliy Interface

9-How to trace predicates generated by VPD Using 10730 event for sorting ORA-28113
Christian Antognini-Tracing VPD Predicates

10-How to install 11GR2 RAC on OCFS2
Martin Bach-Installing RAC 11.2 on ocfs2 part I

11-How to interpret tkprof and execution plan ?
Charles Hooper-Query Performance Problem, or is Something Else Happening?

12-How to estimate index size with a simple script when stats are available?
Jonathan Lewis-Index Efficiency-2

13-How to identify index efficiency?
Jonathan Lewis-Index Efficiency-3

14-How are consistent gets counted ?
Vivek Sharma-Consistent Gets Myth

15-Who is using the open database links ?
Jared Still- Who’s using a database link?

16-dbms_xplan format parameters with examples
Charles Hooper-DBMS_XPLAN Format parameters

17-Partition level stats are not aggregated when there are true stats and new granularity is subpartition level
Doug Burns-
Statistics on Partitioned Tables Part-4

18-Effect of _minimal_stats_aggregation undocumented parameter for partition stats aggregation
Doug Burns-Statistics on Partitioned Tables Part-5

19-Oracle XMLDB NFS Functionality
Marko Gralike-Part of the Puzzle: Oracle XMLDB NFS Functionality

20-Grid control queries via command line
Thomas Roach-Grid Control Scripts

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March 21, 2010

Blogroll Report 19/02/2010 – 26/02/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 12/02/2010 – 19/02/2010

1-How to use opatch util cleanup option to remove unnecessary old patch files from disk?
Harold Van Breederode-Why does the size of my ORACLE_HOME increase?

2-When does Oracle update CPU usage statistics ?
Charles Hooper-CPU Usage Monitoring – What are the Statistics and when are the Statistics Updated?

3-How to use dbms_service to stop a service in RAC for diagnosing service problems?
Martin Bach-RAC service weirdness

4-Why to gather global statistics at table and partition level instead of just subpartition level in 10G?
Doug Burns-Statistics on Partitioned Tables – Part 2

5-How to hack Oracle from the web? (Highly recommended good summary of injection methods)?
Sumit Siddarth-Really good whitepaper about “Hacking Oracle from the Web”

6-Global stats will not aggregated until you gather statistics for all subpartitions when using subpartition granularity
Doug Burns- Statistics on Partitioned Tables – Part 3

7-How to manually convert single instance database to RAC ?
Advait Deo-Converting a Single Instance Database to RAC Manually – Oracle RAC 10g

Martin Widlake-Missing SQL in AWR/ASH

9-How to prevent SQL Injection?
OWASP-SQL Injection Prevention Cheat Sheet

10-How to prevent a User from changing SYS/SYSTEM privilege?
Alexander Kornbrust-How to Prevent a User Granted the ALTER USER Privilege From Changing SYS/SYSTEM password and how to bypass it

11-How does statement queueing work with automatic degree of parallelism in 11GR2?
Jean Pierre Dijcks-Auto DOP and Parallel Statement Queuing

12-Parallel execution Fundamentals in 11GR2 (whitepaper PDF)
Oracle-Parallel execution Fundamentals in 11GR2

13-How does error based SQL injection work?
Alexander Kornburst-2 New ways to create error messages

14-Possible solution for OUI-10150 error during RAC installation
Martin Bach-Watch those environment variables

15-How to detect which column is giving ORA-01722 error?
Gary Myers-Do you know about DBMS_SQL.LAST_ERROR_POSITION

16-How to diagnose Advance Queue problem ? (problem with process of messages from SYS$SERVICE_METRICS QUEUE)
Jacco H. Landlust-Contention problems with AQ

17-How to automate adding of public key to the remote server for passwordless ssh-scp?
Ruslan Dautkhanov-passwordless ssh scp login (host-based authentication)

18-How can a composite index cannot be unique while leadingkey can be unique itself?
Hemant K Chitale-Something Unique about Unique Indexes

19-How to hide (obsecure) your passwords in shell scripts ? (recommended)
Ahbaid Gaffoor-Hiding Passwords – Security By Obscurity

20-How to manage memory on VMWARE ESX for Oracle ?
Guy Harrison-Memory Management for Oracle databases on VMWare ESX

21-How does different types of dynamic sampling hint work?
Jonathan Lewis- Dynamic Sampling

22-How do mutexes sleep ?
Craig Shallahamer-How mutexes sleep?

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March 18, 2010

Blogroll Report 12/02/2009 – 19/02/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 05/02/2010 – 12/02/2010

1-How does new nested loop join works in 11G? Where did that extra nested loop join came?
Luo Donghua-New Implementation for Nested Loop Joins (11g onwards)

2-Limits of Oracle Database
Eddie Awad-Oracle Database Limits You May Not Know About

3-Solution to “Hard Limit: maximum user processes” error in 11GR2 on Solaris
Vitaliy Mogilevskiy-11gR2 install fails with “Hard Limit: maximum user processes” error

4-Slow statistic gathering on partitions caused by missing stats on global index
Martin Widlake-Stats Need Stats to Gather Stats

5-How to solve “Index Leaf Block contention” and “gc buffer busy waits” in RAC caused by Sequences
Joel Goodman-Tell RAC to Leave Your Leaves Alone

6-How to clone Database with ZFS file system ?
Ronny Egner-Creating database clones with ZFS really FAST

7-How to sort failed user drop for user with quote in its name.
Mike Smithers-Dropping quoted users – why sometimes Oracle can’t bear to say goodbye

8-How to install Oracle 11GR2 on ZFS for test ?
Martin Bach-It is indeed possible to install Oracle 11.2 on OpenSolaris

9-How to monitor dNFS traffic by sampling the v$dnfs_stats view in 11G?
Glenn Fawcett-Simple script to monitor dNFS activity

10-How to drop database including backups using RMAN. ?
Anand Prakash-Drop Database using RMAN

11-How to add third node (software) in 11GR2 RAC?
Martin Bach-Build your own RAC system part V – add RDBMS home

12-How to Determine which First Rows OPTIMIZER_MODE was Specified?
Charles Hooper-How to Determine which First Rows OPTIMIZER_MODE was Specified

13-Where does that select from dual comes from when doing merge insert ?
Timur Akhmadeev-Silent ORA-904 on MERGE

14-ASH viewer tool
Timus Akhmadeev-ASH Viewer

15-Unusual temporary object (TO) locks when spatial is installed
Jonathan Lewis-TO Locks

16-Locking problem/bug while locking parent table exclusively when locking child is disabled
Jonathan Lewis-Lock Horror

17-How does nologging work with indexes?
Hemant K Chitale-Some Common Errors – 3 – NOLOGGING and Indexes

18-How to read/interpret Error Stack (ORA-0600) output/log?
Tanel Poder-How to read ERRORSTACK output

19-How to use DTrace for diagnosing Oracle problems
James Morle-The Oracle Wait Interface Is Useless (sometimes) – part 3b

20-How do truncate/move/rebuild effect statistics on table and indexes
Hemank K Chitale-Table and Index Statistics with MOVE/REBUILD/TRUNCATE

21-How does and execution plan change when statistics remain same? (comments ***)
Richard Foote-How Does An Execution Plan Suddenly Change When The Statistics (And Everything Else) Remains The Same ? (In Limbo)

22-What is/isn’t the main rule to build bitmap index?
Riachar Foote-Myth: Bitmap Indexes With High Distinct Columns (Blow Out)

23-Inconsistency with v$filestat output prior to 11GR2
Charles Hooper-V$Filestat is wrong

24-How to partition a table online with dbms_redefinition?
Uwe Hesse-Partitioning a table online with DBMS_REDEFINITION

25-What is %CPU in explain plan output?
Charles Hooper-What is the Meaning of the %CPU Column in an Explain Plan?

26-How to read/interpret errorstack output ?
Tanel Poder-How to read erorstack output;

27-How to cancel a query running in another session?
Tanel Poder-How to CANCEL a query running in another session?

28-Resource compilation for parallel querying
Charles Hooper-Parallel Reasoning

29-Problem with VPD-ANYDATA column overflows into the DATE field
Charles Schultz-VPD + bad ANYDATA practices can really bite

30-How to install Golden Gate for test purposes?
Gleb Otochkin-Oracle GoldenGate Installation, Part 1

31-Statistics on Partitioned Tables with default settings
Doug Burns-Statistics on Partitioned Tables – Part1

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March 10, 2010

Blogroll Report 05/02/2009 – 12/02/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 29/01/2010 – 05/02/2010

1-How to simulate Oracle errors with simulator events

Dennis Yurichev-Oracle RDBMS internal self-testing features

2-How to decode dates in histograms?

Martin Widlake-Format of Date Histograms

3-How to decide the value of datafile resize option ?

Jonathan Lewis-Shrink Tablespace

4-All about network wait events

Kyle Hailey-Oracle: Network Waits

5-When does manual logfile switch trigger complete checkpoint ?


6-When does “alter system archive log current” trigger checkpoint?


7-How to secure java in Oracle and how to test public revocation?

Paul Wright-Securing Java In Oracle and DBMS_JVM_EXP_PERMS

8-Difference between case and decode in terms of trimming

Timo Raitalaakso-Equality -comparing text

9-How to upgrade ASM 10.2 to 11.2 single instance

Martin Bach-Upgrade ASM 10.2 to 11.2 single instance

10-How to use resumable operations in Oracle

Stewart Bryson-Data Warehouse Fault Tolerance Part 1: Resuming

11-How to restart your ETL process with restore points ?

Stewart Bryson-Data Warehouse Fault Tolerance Part 2: Restarting

12-How to use incremental backup for no logging operations for recovery in DW environments?

Stewart Bryson-Data Warehouse Fault Tolerance Part 2: Restoring

13-Beginners guide to index block dumps and treedumps Part-1

Richard Foote-Index Block Dumps and Index Tree Dumps Part I: (Knock On Wood)

14-NVL and COALESCE performance comparison?

Scott Wesley-Short-circuit Evaluations – moving away from NVL

Scott Wesley-One more COALESCE vs NVL example to finish the week

15-How to drill down and detail sys_time_model data vs2?

Charles Hooper-Working with Oracle’s Time Model Data 3

16-How to put gather_plan_statistics hint without changing the code by sql profiles?

Kerry Osborne-gather_plan_statistics

17-How to check/extract unsuccessful connection attempts in listener_log ?

Martin Bach-Check for non-successful connection attempts in listener.log

18-Why does Oracle use undo when there is already redo logs? (Must read)

Jonathan Lewis-Why Undo?

19-How to configure ASYNC-IO on HP/UX?

John Hallas-OER 27064: cannot perform async I/O to file – HPUX

20-How to convert cross platform single instance to RAC with RCONFIG?

Syed Jaffar Hussain-My experience of converting a cross platform (AIX to HP) single instance database to RAC using RCONFIG tool

21-How to backup Oracle to cloud storage ?

Alisher Yuldashev –Let Your Oracle Backups Be Up in the Clouds

22-Fundemantals of Performance Tuning (Must read)

Cary Milsap-Thinking Clearly About Performance

23-Solutions to Permission problems with fuse and DBFS

Kevin Closson-Oracle Database 11g Database
File System (DBFS). Common DBFS Problems and Solutions. Part II.

24-How to send execution plan to excell and show execution plans on web

Charles Hooper-Automated DBMS_XPLAN, Trace, and Send to Excel

25-Weird Transitive Closure behaviour in execution plan which causes ignorance of hints

Jonathan Lewis-Ignoring Hints-2

26-How to do initial server pool configuration before database creation in 11GR2?

Martin Bach-Server Pool experiments in RAC 11.2

27-Problems with usage of Append_Values and solutions

Gary Myers-Append Values and how not to break the database

28-How does Subquery factoring work?

Tim Hartley-Getting Recursive

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March 5, 2010

Blogroll Report 29/01/2009 – 05/02/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 22/01/2010 – 29/01/2010

1-Oracle 0 day exploit
Miladin Modrakovic-Oracle Exploit Published 11g R2
2-Faulty quotes about Non Default Block Sizes
Charles Hooper-Faulty Quotes 5 – Block Sizes
3-Common mistake done after adding and index to see how it performs
Hemant K Chitale-Some Common Errors – 1 – using COUNT(*)
4-RAC One Node and connection failover handling
Marcin Przepiorowski-Oracle RAC One Node – part 3
5-How to set PCTFREE ?
Anurag Tibrewal-PCTFREE
6-How to use average active sessions and available CPU for tuning ?
Kyle Hailey-Tuning the Application, Database and Hardware
7-How to get workload character of your Database from AWR data?
Karl Arao-Workload characterization using DBA_HIST tables and kSar
8-Flash Cache and Flash drive performance comparisons
Guy Harrison-Flash tablespace vs. DB Flash Cache
9-How to use NMAP for network diagnosing
Frits Hoogland-Must have network diag tool NMAP
10-How to discover device names for LUNs when LUN number is known?
Saurabh Sood-How To Discover Disk Name When LUN Number is Known (OEL5)
11-Parallel queries and sort performance behaviour
Kellyn Pedersen-When Parallel is Wrong
12-How to use CATALOG command to catalog missing tape backups?
Marcin Przepiorowski-RMAN and SBT_TAPE backup pieces – how to catalog it
13-How to audit sys into an OS file owned by root?
Uwe Hesse-How to audit sys into an OS file owned by root
14-How to use dbms_parallel_execute package in 11GR2?
15-How to share read-only tablespaces between databases (comments***)?
Uwe Hesse-Sharing READ ONLY Tablespaces between Databases
16-Documentation bugs during pre-requisite checks on Solaris
Luo Donghua-Documentation Bug for Oracle database installation on Solaris
17-How to report if there was an unrecoverable operation happened?
Catherine Chow-Oracle: What is an Unrecoverable Data File?
18-How to use latch classes in case you really want to change the spin count and cause minimal effect ?
Craig Shallahamer – Gotta low latch class
19-All about gathering execution plans
Charles Hooper-Execution Plans – What is the Plan, and Where Do I Find It?
Charles Hooper-Execution Plans – What is the Plan, and Where Do I Find It 2?
Charles Hooper-Execution Plans – What is the Plan, and Where Do I Find It 3?
20-Faulty quotes about %100 CPU utilization ? (comments)
Charles Hooper-Faulty Quotes 6 – CPU Utilization
21-SQL Tuning Advisor generated SQL Profiles and manual sql profile (comments)
Kerry Osborne-Single Hint SQL Profiles
Kerry Osborne-SQL Tuning Advisor Profiles
22-How to do pivoting pre-11G?
Marc Billette-Easy Pivot Query Result in pre-11g Oracle

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