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February 21, 2010

Blogroll Report 22/01/2009 – 29/01/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 15/01/2010 – 22/01/2010

1-How is upcoming code ignored after select into returns no rows?
Timo Raitalaakso-Select Into

2-How does format command have an impact on SAN?
hpdba-Don’t Blame the Database, part three

3-How to sort “Transport endpoint is not connected” error with DBFS?
Kevin Closson-Oracle Database 11g Database File System (DBFS). Common DBFS Problems and Solutions. Part I.

4-Internals of goldengate extract process when ASM is used
Alex Fatkulin-Oracle GoldenGate Extract Internals, Part II

5-How to sort ‘PLAN_TABLE’ is old version problem
Jonathan Lewis-old plan table

6-How to configure DNS for SCAN in 11GR2 for personal tests ? (easier zone configuration with H2N )
Harald van Bredeerode-How to setup a private DNS for your virtual cluster

7-How to use column aliases with SQL queries? (comments)
Jonathan Lewis-Aliases

8-PGA aggregate target and swap relationship
Krishna Manoharan-ora-4030 errors and swap sizing on DataWarehousing platforms

9-How to customise getid for PL/SQL?
Mike Smithers-Customising gedit for PL/SQL on Ubuntu 9.10

10-PSU dependancy checking can cause problems in 11G
John Hallas-PSU dependancy checking with ASM now enforced in 11G

11-How to syncronize out of sync tables with logical standby.
Anand Prakash-Logical Standby Out of SYNC

12-There is 1 working Oracle TNS Listener among nearly 69,000 random IP addresses.
Dennis Yurichev-Random Oracle hosts statistics

13-How to export resultset to CSV with function?
Damir Vadas-SQL based export data to file

14-How to read 10046 raw trace file?
Charles Hooper-10046 Extended SQL Trace Interpretation 2

15-How to move OCR and Moving disk into ASM in 11GR2?
Martin Bach-How to move OCR and voting disks into ASM

16-Direct path reads with non parallel queries in 11G and 10949 event relationship
Craig Shallahamer-The mystery surrounding 11g and direct reads

17-How to chance priority and time quanta of oracle processes?
Krishna Manoharan-Understanding CPU time as oracle wait event

18-Notes on various Oracle Parameters
Charles Hooper-Notes about various Oracle Parameters

19-How does CBO behave with different PX Distribution Methods ?
Christian Antognini-Does the Query Optimizer Cost PX Distribution Methods?

20-How to set up your own free ASH ?
Kyle Hailey-ASH simulation Scripts (SASH and SASHMON)

21-Redo related wait events
Kyle Hailey-Oracle Redo log waits

22-How to use windowing aggregate functions for avoiding self join?
Luo Donghua-Performance Tuning using Windowing Aggregate Functions to avoid table self-join

23-Information about policy managed database in 11GR2
Martin Bach-Policy managed databases

24-ASSM oddities with insert after uncommitted delete
Charles Hooper-Database using ASSM Tablespace Exhibits Slow Insert Performance After an Uncommitted Delete

25-Tips and tricks about some Oracle topics
Charles Hooper- Neat Tricks

26-Different CBO behaviours for functions in SQLs
Randolf Geist-When your projection is not cost-free

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