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February 12, 2010

Blogroll Report 15/01/2009 – 22/01/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 08/01/2010 – 15/01/2010

1-How to install grid control on OEL?
Tim Hall-Grid Control ( on OEL 4.8 x86_64…

2-How to get around from “Cannot open your terminal ‘/dev/pts/” with screen command ?
Martin Bach-screen fails with “Cannot open your terminal ‘/dev/pts/x’ – please check.”

3-How to use case instead of if ?
Alex Nuijten-The Case for the Case Statement

4-How to sort “clssnmLocalJoinEvent: takeover aborted due to ALIVE node on Disk” on RAC?
Murali Vallath-OCR Repair

5-How to solve Data Pump “ORA-39021: Database compatibility version XXXX is not supported.” problem?
Mike Rothouse-Oracle 11g Data Pump

6-StaticConnectIdentifier for dataguard environments in 11G
Asanga Pradeep-VIP, Dataguard Broker & RAC-

7-How does session PGA usage behaves when session gives error?
Charles Hooper-PGA Memory – The Developer’s Secret Weapon for Stealing All of the Memory in the Server

8-How to get around from ORA-14074 with exchange partition ?
Marko Sutic-ORA-14074 when adding partition at the beginning of a table

9-How to use bind variables and arrays with Python for best Oracle performance ?
Guy Harrison-Best practices with Python and Oracle

10-How does “coalesce_sq” hint works in 11GR2?
Timur Akhmedeev-Coalesce_SQ

11-How does in memory parallel execution works in 11GR2?
Mark Rittman-In-Memory Parallel Execution in Oracle Database 11gR2

12-Fundamentals of table compression for data warehousing ?
Greg Rahn-The Core Performance Fundamentals Of Oracle Data Warehousing – Table Compression

13-How to visualize live Oracle Performance data in scrolling graphs with excel?
Charles Hooper- Excel – Scrolling Oracle Performance Charts

14-How to gather current temp usage of active sessions and workaround for v$sort_usage sqlid column?
Kerry Osborne-Temp Usage

15-Syslogd prevents Oracle HAS fail to start
Surachart Opun-Oracle HAS startup failed, After stop syslogd

16-How to improve performance with pipelined functions?
Adrian Billington-improving performance with pipelined table functions

17-Internals of goldengate extract process
Alext Fatkulin-Oracle GoldenGate Extract Internals, Part I

18-Clusterware Upgrade Story from 10.2 to 11.2
Martin Bach-Upgrade Clusterware 10.2 to 11.2

19-How to use logon triggers for preventing access of certain programs ?
Damir Vadas-Trace Analyzer “Directory alias does not exist in DBA_DIRECTORIES”

20-Controlfile sequential reads caused by subquery factoring
Timur Akhadeev –Control File Sequential Read

21-Why does Full table scans do not read blocks up to high water mark sometimes?
Charles Hooper-How Many Topics can be Packed into a Short OTN Thread?

22-How to set up Data Guard with Grid Control for 11GR2 DB?
Tim Hall- Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Data Guard Setup using Oracle Grid Control

23-How to sort -ORA-01102: cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode?
Muhammed Arju-ORA-01102: cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode

Blogroll Report 22/01/2010 – 29/01/2010 –>

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