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February 21, 2010

Blogroll Report 22/01/2009 – 29/01/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 15/01/2010 – 22/01/2010

1-How is upcoming code ignored after select into returns no rows?
Timo Raitalaakso-Select Into

2-How does format command have an impact on SAN?
hpdba-Don’t Blame the Database, part three

3-How to sort “Transport endpoint is not connected” error with DBFS?
Kevin Closson-Oracle Database 11g Database File System (DBFS). Common DBFS Problems and Solutions. Part I.

4-Internals of goldengate extract process when ASM is used
Alex Fatkulin-Oracle GoldenGate Extract Internals, Part II

5-How to sort ‘PLAN_TABLE’ is old version problem
Jonathan Lewis-old plan table

6-How to configure DNS for SCAN in 11GR2 for personal tests ? (easier zone configuration with H2N )
Harald van Bredeerode-How to setup a private DNS for your virtual cluster

7-How to use column aliases with SQL queries? (comments)
Jonathan Lewis-Aliases

8-PGA aggregate target and swap relationship
Krishna Manoharan-ora-4030 errors and swap sizing on DataWarehousing platforms

9-How to customise getid for PL/SQL?
Mike Smithers-Customising gedit for PL/SQL on Ubuntu 9.10

10-PSU dependancy checking can cause problems in 11G
John Hallas-PSU dependancy checking with ASM now enforced in 11G

11-How to syncronize out of sync tables with logical standby.
Anand Prakash-Logical Standby Out of SYNC

12-There is 1 working Oracle TNS Listener among nearly 69,000 random IP addresses.
Dennis Yurichev-Random Oracle hosts statistics

13-How to export resultset to CSV with function?
Damir Vadas-SQL based export data to file

14-How to read 10046 raw trace file?
Charles Hooper-10046 Extended SQL Trace Interpretation 2

15-How to move OCR and Moving disk into ASM in 11GR2?
Martin Bach-How to move OCR and voting disks into ASM

16-Direct path reads with non parallel queries in 11G and 10949 event relationship
Craig Shallahamer-The mystery surrounding 11g and direct reads

17-How to chance priority and time quanta of oracle processes?
Krishna Manoharan-Understanding CPU time as oracle wait event

18-Notes on various Oracle Parameters
Charles Hooper-Notes about various Oracle Parameters

19-How does CBO behave with different PX Distribution Methods ?
Christian Antognini-Does the Query Optimizer Cost PX Distribution Methods?

20-How to set up your own free ASH ?
Kyle Hailey-ASH simulation Scripts (SASH and SASHMON)

21-Redo related wait events
Kyle Hailey-Oracle Redo log waits

22-How to use windowing aggregate functions for avoiding self join?
Luo Donghua-Performance Tuning using Windowing Aggregate Functions to avoid table self-join

23-Information about policy managed database in 11GR2
Martin Bach-Policy managed databases

24-ASSM oddities with insert after uncommitted delete
Charles Hooper-Database using ASSM Tablespace Exhibits Slow Insert Performance After an Uncommitted Delete

25-Tips and tricks about some Oracle topics
Charles Hooper- Neat Tricks

26-Different CBO behaviours for functions in SQLs
Randolf Geist-When your projection is not cost-free

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February 12, 2010

Blogroll Report 15/01/2009 – 22/01/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 08/01/2010 – 15/01/2010

1-How to install grid control on OEL?
Tim Hall-Grid Control ( on OEL 4.8 x86_64…

2-How to get around from “Cannot open your terminal ‘/dev/pts/” with screen command ?
Martin Bach-screen fails with “Cannot open your terminal ‘/dev/pts/x’ – please check.”

3-How to use case instead of if ?
Alex Nuijten-The Case for the Case Statement

4-How to sort “clssnmLocalJoinEvent: takeover aborted due to ALIVE node on Disk” on RAC?
Murali Vallath-OCR Repair

5-How to solve Data Pump “ORA-39021: Database compatibility version XXXX is not supported.” problem?
Mike Rothouse-Oracle 11g Data Pump

6-StaticConnectIdentifier for dataguard environments in 11G
Asanga Pradeep-VIP, Dataguard Broker & RAC-

7-How does session PGA usage behaves when session gives error?
Charles Hooper-PGA Memory – The Developer’s Secret Weapon for Stealing All of the Memory in the Server

8-How to get around from ORA-14074 with exchange partition ?
Marko Sutic-ORA-14074 when adding partition at the beginning of a table

9-How to use bind variables and arrays with Python for best Oracle performance ?
Guy Harrison-Best practices with Python and Oracle

10-How does “coalesce_sq” hint works in 11GR2?
Timur Akhmedeev-Coalesce_SQ

11-How does in memory parallel execution works in 11GR2?
Mark Rittman-In-Memory Parallel Execution in Oracle Database 11gR2

12-Fundamentals of table compression for data warehousing ?
Greg Rahn-The Core Performance Fundamentals Of Oracle Data Warehousing – Table Compression

13-How to visualize live Oracle Performance data in scrolling graphs with excel?
Charles Hooper- Excel – Scrolling Oracle Performance Charts

14-How to gather current temp usage of active sessions and workaround for v$sort_usage sqlid column?
Kerry Osborne-Temp Usage

15-Syslogd prevents Oracle HAS fail to start
Surachart Opun-Oracle HAS startup failed, After stop syslogd

16-How to improve performance with pipelined functions?
Adrian Billington-improving performance with pipelined table functions

17-Internals of goldengate extract process
Alext Fatkulin-Oracle GoldenGate Extract Internals, Part I

18-Clusterware Upgrade Story from 10.2 to 11.2
Martin Bach-Upgrade Clusterware 10.2 to 11.2

19-How to use logon triggers for preventing access of certain programs ?
Damir Vadas-Trace Analyzer “Directory alias does not exist in DBA_DIRECTORIES”

20-Controlfile sequential reads caused by subquery factoring
Timur Akhadeev –Control File Sequential Read

21-Why does Full table scans do not read blocks up to high water mark sometimes?
Charles Hooper-How Many Topics can be Packed into a Short OTN Thread?

22-How to set up Data Guard with Grid Control for 11GR2 DB?
Tim Hall- Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Data Guard Setup using Oracle Grid Control

23-How to sort -ORA-01102: cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode?
Muhammed Arju-ORA-01102: cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode

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February 2, 2010

Blogroll Report 08/01/2009 – 15/01/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 01/01/2010 – 08/01/2010

1-How to use v$sesstat when wait interface is not enough?
Tanel Poder-Beyond Oracle Wait Interface – Part 2

2-How to get Oracle process info from OS on Windows?
Charles Hooper-Drilling into Session Detail from the Operating System – On the Windows Platform

Charles Hooper-Drilling into Session Detail from the Operating System – On the Windows Platform 2

3-How does force_match work with SQL_PROFILEs?
Jonathan Lewis-force_match

4-How to report bar chart of frequency histograms in sqlplus ?
Guy Harrison-Histograms of histograms

5-How to get around from _pga_max_size limitation?
Kelly Pedersen-When PGA Size is Not Enough

6-How to drill down and detail sys_time_model data ? –Highly Recommended
Charles Hooper- Working with Oracle’s Time Model Data

Charles Hooper-Working with Oracle’s Time Model Data 2

7-Diagnosing CBC Latches and their causes and possible solutions
Kyle Hailey-Oracle Waits – latch : cache buffer chains

8-Oracle and Netapp best practices
Neil Gerren-Oracle on NetApp White Papers

9-How to setup dataguard with OEM Grid Control?
Porus Homi Havewala-Easy Disaster Proof Production

10-How does execution plan gathering can be wrong?
Charles Hooper-Explain Plan Lies, Autotrace Lies, TKPROF Lies, What is the Plan?

11-How to drop partitions from interval partitioned table?
Harald van Breederode-dropping inverval partitions

12-How does Join Elimination works in 11G for unnecessary self joins?
Christian Antognini-Join Elimination

13-How to recover from “ORA-00752: recovery detected a lost write of a data block” on Standby in 11G?
Mladin Modrakovic-ORA-00752 on standby and DB_ULTRA_SAFE parameter

14-How to troubleshoot buffer busy waits?
Kyle Hailey-Oracle Wait: Buffer Busy Wait

15-CPU cost and execution time relationship
Richard Foote-The CPU Costing Model: A Few Thoughts Part V (Reality)

16-Global Index behaviour with DDL on empty partitions?
Hemant K Chitale-DDL on Empty Partitions — are Global Indexes made UNUSABLE ?

17-How does RELY clause works with foreign key constraints?
Timo Raitalaakso-Rely constraint validated mess

18-How to hide sql query from spool file ?
Martin Bach-hide SQL query in spool file

19-How to use DBBS API’s ?
Tim Hall-Oracle Database File System (DBFS) PL/SQL APIs

20-Introduction to Oracle Analytic Functions
Adrian Billington-introduction to 8i analytic functions

21-How does not null constraint effect updates with subqueries?
Charles Hooper-The Effects of Potential NULL Values in Row Sources During Updates Using an IN Subquery

22-How to rename cloned ASM diskgroups in 10GR2 – 11GR2 renamedg alternative?
Martin Bach-Rename cloned diskgroup in Oracle 10.2

23-Possible reason begin poor performing first_rows_n ?
Jonathan Lewis- first_rows_N again

24-Side effects of setting db_file_multiblock_read_count on 10GR2 and above

25-How to do what if analysis for index clustering factor?
Randolf Geist-CLUSTERING_FACTOR What-If Analysis

26-11GR2 edition based redefinition detailed analysis
Christian Antognini-Edition Based Redefinition

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