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January 20, 2010

Blogroll Report 01/01/2009 – 08/01/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 25/12/2009 – 01/01/2010

1-How to sort getting “ORA-00942: table or view does not exist” with procedures of users with DBA roles ?
Damir Vadas-ORA-00942 and “AUTHID CURRENT_USER”

2-How to secure hashed passwords?
John Hallas-The need to ensure that hashed password values are safe

3-How to workaround “ERROR-400Data will be rejected for upload from agent max size limit for direct load exceeded”?
Kellyn Pedersen-ERROR-400Data will be rejected for upload from agent ‘https://:/emd/main/’, max size limit for direct load exceeded [6827354/5242880]

4-Numeric Segment names in DBA_SEGMENTS table
Anand Prakash-Segment name – Numeric

5-How to trace/debug oracle data guard?
Miladin Modrakovic-Tracing Oracle Data Guard

6-How to tune via VST diagrams and manual tuning by NO_MERGE hint example?
Kyle Hailey-Visually Identifying SQL Optimizer Weaknesses

7-Flashback can be disabled automatically
John Hallas-Flashback disabled automatically – a minor rant

8-How to configure Oracle Database File System-DBFS on Linux?
Tim Hall-Oracle Database File System (DBFS) in Oracle Database 11g Release 2

9-CPU Speed and CPU Costing Model Relationship
Richard Foote-The CPU Costing Model: A Few Thoughts Part IV (Map of the Problematique)

10-How to get list of available command types ?
Martin Widlake-More on COMMAND_TYPE values

11-How to copy stats between objects ?
Jonathan Lewis-Copy Stats

12-How to force Oracle to scan only single datafile for manual parallelization ?
Jonathan Lewis-Pseudo Parallel

13-Locking mode behaviour change in 11G for unindexed foreign key columns
Charles Hooper-Deadlock on Oracle 11g but Not on 10g

14-Tests on using date or number for date datatype and different optimizer behaviours
Charles Hooper-DATE Datatype Or NUMBER Datatype – Which Should be Used?

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