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January 8, 2010

Blogroll Report 25/12/2009 – 01/01/2010

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<—- Blogroll Report 18/12/2009 – 25/12/2009

1-How do function based indexes using date functions behave for different NLS session settings?
Gary Myers-Happy New Year and fun with dates

2-How does CPU count initialization parameter work?
Lua Donghua-CPU_COUNT initialization parameter

3-Pocket Reference Guide for ASM
Charles Kim-ASM Pocket Reference Guide

4-Pocket Reference Guide for RAC
Charles Kim-Real Application Clusters (RAC) Pocket Reference Guide

5-How many rows are sorted and how much memory used by your query?
Jonathan Lewis-Short Sorts

6-How much memory used per program ?
Ronny Egner-How much memory is being used per program

7-Why does streams appyl process perform well in 11GR2 (oracle internals)?
Alex Fatkulin-Oracle Streams Apply Process changes in 11GR2

8-How to toubleshoot “ORA-00304: requested INSTANCE_NUMBER is busy” in a non-RAC environment?
Arup Nanda-Instance_Number is busy Message during Standby Instance Startup

9-Tom Kyte’s thoughts about Edition Based Redefinition and deferred segment creation
Thomas Kyte-A Closer Look at the New Edition

10-How to work with hybrid columnar compression in Exadata V2?
Arup Nanda-Compressing Columns

11-How to relocate grid infrastructure installation in 11GR2?
Rene Kundersma-Relocating Grid Infrastructure

12-All about grouping
Rob Van Wijk-Paper abput grouping

13-How to use dbms_metadata on objects other than dual?
Jonathan Lewis-DBMS_METADATA

14-How can system stats collection or manually setting mbrc cause performance problems ?
Charles Hooper-High Value for MBRC Causes High BCHR, High CPU Usage, and Slow Performance

15-How to get peeked binds from OTHER_XML column of V$SQL_PLAN?
Dominic Brooks-SQL_PLAN – other_xml

16-How to track down plan changes with AWR?
Dominic Brooks-Plans gone AWRy

17-How to solve CRS is not installed on any of the nodes, reported by cluvf, problem?
Amit Bansal-Cluvfy Reports CRS not Installed on Nodes

18-Data pump tips for parallel and compress
Rajeev Ramdas Thottathil-Datapump export and import – parallel and compress

19-Performance of IGNORE_ROW_ON_DUPKEY_INDEX in 11GR2
Guy Harrison-The 11GR2 IGNORE_ROW_ON_DUPKEY_INDEX hint

20-How to install 11GR2 RAC on Linux Using NFS?
Tim Hall-Oracle Database 11g Release 2 RAC On Linux Using NFS

21-How to configure DNS for SCAN in 11GR2 for personal tests?
Tim Hall-DNS Configuration for the SCAN used with Oracle RAC Database 11g Release 2

22-How to use Analytical Functions for certain complex problems ?
Charles Hooper-SQL – DENSE_RANK, PERCENT_RANK, and COUNT Analytical Functions

Charles Hooper-SQL – COUNT Analytical Function, GROUP BY, HAVING

Charles Hooper-SQL – RANK, MAX Analytical Functions, DECODE, SIGN

23-How does CBO behave for deleting rows with exists or in and which one is better?
Charles Hooper-Which is Most Efficient when Deleting Rows: EXISTS, IN, or a VIEW

24-Possible workaround for “ORA-15077:could not locate ASM instance serving a required diskgroup”
David Marcos-PRKP-1001 : Error starting instance …. followed by CRS-0215

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