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January 6, 2010

Blogroll Report – 18/12/2009-25/12/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 11/12/2009 – 18/12/2009

1-How to change Linux Hostname for using with ASM and Oracle Restart in 11GR2?
Martin Nash-11.2 Oracle Restart – Changing Hostname

2-Temp Table Transformation disappears with RPC
Randolf Geist-TEMP Table Transformation and Remote Procedure Calls

3-Transforming queries for ensuring Partition Pruning?
Martin Widlake-
Ensuring Correlated Partition Exclusion #2

4-Buggy behaviour DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_AWR over certain amount of lines.
Dominic Brooks-DBMS_XPLAN display issues

5-How to migrate from RBO to CBO for 11G upgrade
Optimizer Group-Ugrading from 9i to 11g and the implicit migration from RBO

6-How to generate costumized trace files with dbms_system.ksdddt?
Luo Donghua-Using dbms_system.ksdddt to write customized trace file

7-How to see optimizer features in your current release (v$system_fix_control)?
Jonathan Lewis-Optimizer Features

8-How to gather historic sar type info from AWR snaps?
Martin Widlake-Using AWR data for OS information

9-How to install Oracle 11GR2 on Open Solaris ?
Andrey Goryunov-Oracle 11.2 Silent Installation on OpenSolaris?

10-How to compare values of multiple columns of a table automatically?
Garry Myers-Wide records in history tables – Squeezing the Juice

11-How to extend password expire time?
Amin Jaffer-How to extend and account password whose password is expiring

12-What effects maximum throughput capacity?
Greg Rahn-The Core Performance Fundamentals Of Oracle Data Warehousing – Balanced Hardware Configuration

13-How to sort “ORA-01841:(full) year must be between -4713 and +9999, and not be 0” during point in time recovery ?
Marko Sutic-Point in Time Recovery fails with ORA-01841 on Oracle 10.2 SE

14-How to sort “ORA-12005:may not schedule automatic refresh for times in the past” during for job scheduler
Luo Donghua-ORA-12005: may not schedule automatic refresh for times in the past

15-Compressed Btree indexes vs Bitmap indexes
Jonathan Lewis-Btree/Bitmap

16-How to diagnose global cache performance ? -Scripts collection
Riyaj Shamsudeen-RAC performance tuning: Understanding Global cache performance

17-Deadlock with Autonomous servererror trigger
Garry Myers-Autonomous SERVERERROR trigger

18-New features summary of 11GR2
Jim Czuprynski-Oracle Database 11g Release 2 New Features Summary, Part 2

19-Test on effects of setting sort_area_size and pga_aggregate target together (long but important read)
Charles Hooper-SORT_AREA_SIZE Affecting Sorts to Disk with PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET Set?
Charles Hooper-SORT_AREA_SIZE Affecting Sorts to Disk with PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET Set 2?

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