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January 2, 2010

Blogroll Report 11/12/2009-18/12/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 04/12/2009 – 11/12/2009

1-Why not to set optimizer_index_cost_adj with CPU costing
Richard Foote-The CPU Costing Model – A Few Thoughts Part II

2-Free alternative to AWR for displaying Top SQL’s and their plans in HTML (SQLA)
Damir Vadas-SQLA-Top SQLs in HTML

3-How to open database with delay ?
Miladin Modrakovic-Open database with delay

4-How does direct NFS performs on solaris 10?
Glenn Fawcett-Direct NFS vs Kernel NFS bake-off with Oracle 11g and Solaris… and the winner is

5-How to improve kernel NFS performance on solaris?
Glenn Fawcett-Kernel NFS fights back… Oracle throughput matches Direct NFS with latest Solaris improvements

6-RAC One Node and client behaviour for different scenarios
Marcin Przepiorowski-Oracle RAC One Node – part 2

7-How to share your TNSNAMES file without OID ?
Matt Canning-Sharing the TNSNAMES.ora file – A Christmas Tale

8-How to compare object structure in 11G with DBMS_METHADATA_COMPARE
chandra Pabbe-Segment Comparison (structure) in Oracle11g

9-How does Database Flash Cache works ?
Kevin Closson – Pardon Me, Where Is That Flash Cache? Part II.

10-How to sort “OPMN process manager failed to start” problem during Grid Control Installation?
Francisco Munoz Alvarez-Error cannot open shared object file when installing Grid Control

11-How to troubleshoot long local login or os thread startup wait event by tracing system calls
Karl Arao- Os Thread Startup

12-How to tune slow outer join by replacing with faster union and analytic functions
Gerwin Hendriksen-How to change an outerjoin query to one without

13-DDL with flashback data archive is buggy and journalling still not possible with
Rob Van Wijk-Journaling using flashback data archives in

14-Performance issues with correlated delete/update statements
John Brady-Correlated Delete & Update

15-How to do complex scheduling with crontab?
Thomas Roach-When cron won’t run a job with the schedule you want.

16-Auto stats gathering of index creation operation is not working for global statistics on partitioned indexes
Christian Antognini-Does create index gather global statistics?

17-What is DBUA0 instance ?
Senthil Rajendran-DBUA0 Instance during 11g Upgrade

18-How does auto cardinality feedback works in 11GR2
Dion Cho-Trivial Research on the Cardinality Feedback on 11gR2

19-How does auto cardinality feedback works in 11GR2? –read the comments
Jonathan Lewis-Adaptive Optimisation ?

20-How to clean up CRS installation manually in 10GR2?
Advait Deo-Manual Cleanup of CRS installation – Oracle CRS 10g R2 (

21-How to use DBMS_TRACE for PL/SQL codes?
Gary Myers-Who caught my error?

22-How to hint sub-queries with qb_name ?
David Kurtz-Hinting Sub-Queries on Oracle

23-How does transitive closure works ?
Sandepp Redkar-Query and Transitive closure

24-How to use DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT in 11GR2
Tim Hall-Auditing Enhancements (DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT) in Oracle Database 11g Release 2

25-How to diagnose and resolve gaps in data guard ?
Arup Nanda-Resolving Gaps in Data Guard Apply Using Incremental RMAN BAckup

26-Ansi Join causes ORA-00918: in 11GR2
Doug Burns-Bug Hunting

27-OPT_PARAM hint behaviour for optimizer_features_enable

28-How to tune by hacking stored outlines ?
Charles Hooper-Tracking Performance Problems – Inserting a Hint into SQL in a Compiled Program

29-How to install Oracle Cluster Health Monitor
Surachart Opun-Oracle Cluster Health Monitor(IPD/OS)

30-How to monitor networking of database operations with Wireshark
Charles Hooper-Network Monitoring Experimentations 1
Charles Hooper-Network Monitoring Experimentations 2

31-How to diagnose “EXP-00002: error in writing to export file ” error?
Mohammad Arju- Export fails with EXP-00002: error in writing to export file

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