Coskan’s Approach to Oracle

December 23, 2009

Blogroll Report 04/12/2009-11/12/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 27/11/2009 – 04/12/2009

1-How can Oracle trace file be misleading with reported wait times ?

Joze Senegacnik-Measurement Error Trap In Trace File (event 10046)

2-How does One Node RAC work?

Marcin Przepiorowski-Oracle RAC One Node Part 1


Timo Raitalaakso-SQL Tuning reading plans and temp usage

4-How to configure Glance on HP for Oracle?

John Hallas-Using Glance to see Oracle process usage

5-How to backup archivelogs whenyou have connected to RMAN CATALOG server, which connects to both Standby and Primary database?

Lou Donghua-How to backup archivelog in Dataguard environment

6-How does CPU costing model changes access plan with higher cost of FTS comparing to I/O cost model?

Richard Foote-The CPU Costing Model: A Few Thoughts Part I

7-How does _optimizer_extended_cursor_sharing_rel causes reparsing in 11GR2?

Grégory Guillou-Hidden and Undocumented “Cardinality Feedback”

8-How does scalar functions behave in SQL’s with different type of calling?

Martin Widlake-Scalar Functions Not Behaving as Scalar Functions

9-SYS_GUID() vs Sequences

Ron Van Wijk-SYS_GUID()

10-How to configure persistent device names for the OCR and voting disks ?

Ronny Egner-Persistent device naming (or binding) for running RAC on Linux (10g R2 clusterware and above)

11-How to configure logminer with flat files option?

Martin Bach-My first contact with the log miner

12-How to recreate standby controlfile when using ASM?

Martin Bach-Recreate the standby controlfile when using ASM

13-How to filter SQLs in V$SQLAREA/V$SQL with COMMAND_TYPE values?

Martin Widlake-COMMAND_TYPE values

14-How to enable DDL Logging to Alert Log in 11GR2?

Luo Donghua-11g new feature: enable_ddl_logging parameter

15-How to check applied CPU and bundled patches inside database?

Luo Donghua-How to check whether CPU and/or Windows Bundle patch applied to database

16-How to move materialized views and materialized view logs between tablespaces?

Anand Prakash-Alter Materialized View Move

17-How does Correlated Partition Exclusion performs in practice?

Martin Widlake –Ensuring Correlated Partition Exclusion

18-How to solve ORA-12034 on remote host ?

Howard Rogers-Broken Materialized Views and ORA-12034

19-How to track down parameter changes via AWR and how to estimate AWR storage needs?

Kerry Osborne-Tracking Parameter Changes

20-How does rownum filter can effect execution plans ?

Charles Hooper-CBO oddities in determining selectivity on NVARCHAR2 data type

22-What does SYS_OP_C2C internal function shown in explain plan predicate information, do?

Joze Senegacnik-What is the purpose of SYS_OP_C2C internal function?

23-How does 11GR2 APPEND_VALUES hint do with redo generation?


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