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December 18, 2009

Blogroll Report 27/11/2009-04/12/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 20/11/2009 – 27/11/2009

1-How to limit number of CPU for an instance with instance caging feature of 11GR2 ?
Christian Antognini-Instance Caging

2-How to diagnose undo problem ?
Kellyn Pedersen-Undo Brain Damage

3-How to solve invalid registry objects problem with upgrade and migration ?
Surachart Opun-Invalid Objects on SYS and ORA-04063: package body “SYS.DBMS_REGISTRY_SYS” has errors

4-How to sort Collections ?
Adrian Billington-Sorting Collections

5-How does Oracle Flash Cache work in 11GR2?
Guy Harrison-More on the Database Flash Cache

6-Alternative workarounds for plans suffering from bind peeking?
Martin Widlake-Dealing with Bind Issues

7-How to Create a Database Link in Another User’s Schema without password hacking?
Neil Johnson –How to Create a Database Link in Another User’s Schema

8-Workaround for Result Cache for Ref Cursor returning PL/SQL codes
Asanga Pradeep-Result Cache for Ref Cursor returning PL/SQL codes

9-How to unwrap PL/SQL?
Pete Finnegan-Unwrapping PL/SQL

10-How to solve interrupted drop disk from diskgroup in ASM ?
Martin Bach-Do not shut down ASM when dropping a disk

11-Diagnosing and solving a multipath problem with ASM. ([Device or resource busy] [16])
Martin Bach-Let there be multipathing (when there wasn’t before)

12-How to use V$SQL_MONITOR and V$SQL_PLAN_MONITOR views ?

13-How to optimize table functions by cardinality feedback ?
Joze Senegacnik-Table Expressions, Cardinality, SYS_OP_ATG and KOKBF$

14-Service name operation logged in alert log during Data Pump on RAC
Surachart Opun-DATAPUMP with SYS$SYS.* service_names

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