Coskan’s Approach to Oracle

December 12, 2009

Blogroll Report 20/11/2009-27/11/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 13/11/2009 – 20/11/2009

1-How does ora_hash function works ?
Jonathan Lewis-ora_hash function

2-How to gather specific histogram size for a column?
Hemant K Chitale-SIZE specification for Column Histograms?

3-How to manage Oracle HAS in 11GR2?
Surachart Opun-Disable/Enable Automatic startup Oracle HAS

4-How does fast refresh of on-commit materialized views works on 11GR2?
Alberto Dell’era-11gR2: new algorithm for fast refresh of on-commit materialized views

5-Database Statistics Metalink notes compilation
Anthony Shorten-Keeping your database statistics up to date

6-How does SQL92_Security parameter works?
John Hallas-What does the SQL92_SECURITY parameter actually do?

7-How to use Binding sparse arrays in a FORALL statement?
Steven Feuerstein-Binding sparse arrays in a FORALL statement?

8-How does locally managed tablespaces work and third type of locally managed tablespaces?
Joel Goodman-How Good is your “Local” Management?

9-Make most out of partitions
Martin Widlake – Assisting Partition Exclusion – Partitions for Performance

10-How to use RMAN with DBMS_PIPE – managing rman via SQLPLUS?
Joel Goodman-The RMAN “PIPE” Interface

11-How does Automatic Degree of Parallelism work in 11GR2?
Uwe Hesse-Automatic DOP in 11gR2

12-How CPU costing model works with indexes?
Richard Foote-The CBO CPU Costing Model: Indexes vs. Full Table Scans

13-How to get row count of each partition of a partitioned table?
Jonathan Lewis-Counting

14-How to monitor direct NFS in 11G on Solaris?
Glenn Fawcett-Monitoring Direct NFS with Oracle 11g and Solaris… pealing back the layers of the onion.

15-How does zero size unusable indexes effect execution plans ?
Christian Antognini-Zero-Size Unusable Indexes and the Query Optimizer

16-11G Advanced compression vs basic compression
Luis Moreno Campos-The Difference between Online and Offline compression

17-New features of Result Cache in 11GR2
Uwe Hesse-Result Cache: Another brilliant 11g New Feature

18-Cross Platform upgrade and migration case study for large DB
Marko Sutic-Cross-platform migration – large Oracle 9i db from Solaris 64 to Linux 64

19-Connect-by vs the recursive subquery factoring
Rob Van Wijk-Recursive subquery factoring

Blogroll Report 27/11/2009 – 04/12/2009 –>


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