Coskan’s Approach to Oracle

November 17, 2009

Blogroll Report 06/11/2009-13/11/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 30/10/2009 – 06/11/2009

1-How to upgrade to 11GR2?

Mike Dietrich-New version of “Upgrade to 11g – The whole Story” slides available

2-How to diagnose row cache lock?

Surachart Opun-Investigate row cache lock

3-Cases where Oracle Wait Interface is Useless?

James Morle-The Oracle Wait Interface Is Useless (sometimes) – Part One: The Problem Definition

4-How to do logging in PL/SQL ?

Dion Cho-Logging in PLSQL

5-Index freelist problem during mass delete insert

Jonathan Lewis-Index Freelists

6-How to change password of database link in 11GR2?- New manageability feature of 11GR2

Ittichai Chammavanijakul-11gR2 New Feature – Alter Database Link to Change Password

7-How querying GV$ dynamic views works?

Jacco H. Landlust-px-slaves and gv$session

8-How to troubleshoot network connection problems?

HP NZ Database Services-Troubleshooting network connection

9-How to automate sql_advisor tasks from ADDM reports in 10G?

John Hallas-Automatically running sql_advisor tasks from ADDM reports

10-Why performance gain of rebuilding index is minimum?

Richard Foote-An Index Only Performs How Much Work ???

11-How to use DBMS_METADATA to generate user creation scripts?

Alex Nuijten-Create Users with DBMS_METADATA

12-Possible reasons of slowness with same execution plan (check the comments)

Jonathan Lewis-No change

13-How to detect and empty CLOB column?

Alex Nuijten-An Empty Clob is not NULL, it’s NOT NULL

14-Solution to ORA-04030: with SGA multiple of 4GB and having high CPU count

John Hallas-Problems with SGA being a multiple of 4Gb (and high cpu count)

15-Index BLEVEL and CBO cost relationship

Martin Widlake-BLEVEL and Height of Indexes

16-Detecting real-time archive lag and running statspack with 11GR2 Active Dataguard

Robert Geiger-MAA for Active Dataguard

17-How to get dataguard related metrics from OEM?

Robert Geiger-Select metrics from the OEM repository

18-How does AUTO_SAMLE_SIZE and SIZE_AUTO differs from each other for DBMS_STATS?

Hemant K Chitale-Sample Sizes : Table level and Column level

19-How to use rsyslog to log syslog and database audit message to an Oracle database?

Ronny Egner-Logging syslog and database audit messages to an oracle database with rsyslog

Blogroll Report 13/11/2009 – 20/11/2009–>


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