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November 10, 2009

Blogroll Report 30/10/2009-06/11/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 23/10/2009 – 30/10/2009

This one is written at Lisbon, after the most amazing concert I have ever seen at this very nice city (If you love Rammstein or you love fire shows, don’t miss their concert, I will definitely be at Wembley )

I am trying to write it on an Apple machine with Portuguese keyboard layout and it is a bit torture for a regular UK layout windows keyboard user.  I hope I did not make a mistake during html editing.

1-Different approach to BCHR

Martin Widlake-Buffer Cache Hit Ratio my guilty Confession

2-Become user privilege in Oracle ?

Paul M Wright-Oracle Identity Integrity

3-Automatic adjustment of CLUSTER_DATABASE_INSTANCES parameter after CLUSTER_DATABASE=FALSE


4-Unnecessary primary bounce step while Increasing the Dataguard Protection Level

Jason Arneil-Increasing the Dataguard Protection Level

5-How to use ACFSUTIL for Snapshots?

Ronny Egner-ACFS Snapshots

6-OCR Mirror Failover bug on NFS and OS Bonding bug with RACVIP

Freek D’Hooge-Two Oracle RAC bugs on the wall, two Oracle bugs. Take one down

7-How to choose passwords ?

Pete Finnigan-One more point on Oracle password crackers

8-How to configure OEM Blackouts ?

Dave Best-Setting EM Blackouts from the GUI and Command Line

9-Changes on Materialized View Logs in 11GR2 (timestamp-based and new commit SCN-based)

Alberto Dell’era-11gR2: materialized view logs changes

10-Using 11gR2 LISTTAG function for Tom Kytes Unindexed Foreign Keys script

Timo Raitalaakso-unindex 11.2

11-ORA-00942 with mixed case table names?

Anand-Table name silly but interesting

12-How to troubleshoot high redo generation growth?

Chen Shapira-The Senile DBA Guide To Troubleshooting Sudden Growth In Redo Generation

13-When foreign key indexes are not necessary?

Jonathan Lewis-Foreign Keys 2

14-Easy to read CRS_STAT output

Orhan Biyiklioglu-crs_stat for mere mortals

15-How to detect Migrated Chained Rows using v$sesstat and how to estimate the impact of them?

Tanel Poder-Detect chained and migrated rows in Oracle Part 1

16-How to choose right filesystem for Oracle on linux?

Ronny Egner-Which file system to choose for running Oracle on Linux

17-Cases where partitioning causes performance problems

Martin Widlake-Partitions are Still Not for Performance – Sometimes

18-How to use RDA Health Check utility for prerequisite check for installations?

Yossi Nixon-RDA – Health Check (HCVE)

19-How to use Open LDAP to store DB connection strings?

Ronny Egner-Storing Oracle database connection strings in OpenLDAP instead of OID

20-Revisited version of Upgrade to 11GWholo story to cover 11GR2

Mike Dietrich-New version of “Upgrade to 11g – The whole Story” slides available

21- stop system command on Redhat crashes DB

Frits Hoogland-Do you crash your database on machine shutdown?

22-How to solve manual kernel header update problem on OEL 5 version 4 update?

Vitaliy Mogilevskiy-OEL 5.4 Unresolvable chain of dependencies on kernel-headers

23-How to get client IP from AUD$?

Anand-IP in aud$ table

24-How to use EXP/IMP commands in Datapump with legacy mode?

Oracle Contractors-DataPump Legacy Mode in 11g Release 2

25-How to recover from lost online redo logs with dataguard?

Mahias Zarick-Recover from Lost Online Redo Logs with Data Guard

26-Factors affecting LIO

Harald van Breederode-Explaining the number of Consistent Gets

27-Index space allocation anomalies

Jonathan Lewis-Did you know?

28-FAQ about Flashback Database

André Araujo-Questions you always wanted to ask about Flashback Database…


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