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October 26, 2009

Blogroll Report 16/10/2009-23/10/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 09/10/2009 – 16/10/2009

1-How Intra-Block Row chaining effects consistent gets with tables over 255 columns ? (read Oracle L question as well)

Hemant K Chitale – Some Testing on Intra-Block Row Chaining

2-Consolidation Story of 15 Oracle Databases into 5 RAC nodes

Husnu Sensoy-“How to Achieve All in One with Oracle 11g” Material

3-Oracle Backup Recovery Best Practices

Husnu Sensoy –“Oracle Database Backup-and-Recovery Best Practices and New Features” Material

4-Min Privilege required to run FLUSH_DATABASE_MONITORING_INFO

Martin Widlake –Privileges required to FLUSH_DATABASE_MONITORING_INFO

5-How to see uncommitted transactions ?

Miladin Modrakovic- Uncommitted Transactions

6-Shell Scripting tips summary from OOW09

Chen Shapira-Lessons From OOW09 #1 – Shell Script Tips

7-How to convert Physical Standby into Logical standby when DG Broker in place?

Grégory Guillou-Turning a Physical Standby and its Broker into a Logical Standby

8-New Grid Infrastructure ASM Installation and Scheduler features summary of 11GR2

Jim Czuprynski-Oracle Database 11g Release 2 New Features Summary, Part 1

9-How to escalate an Oracle DB user with CREATE TABLE privilege to OSDBA?


10-How to start a Job When a File Arrives on a System – 11GR2 New Features File Watcher?

Ittichai Chammavanijakul-11gR2 New Feature – File Watchers

11-How to use DBFS-11GR2 New features Database File System?

Ittichai Chammavanijakul-11gR2 New Feature – DBFS Database File System

12-How to Setup 10gRAC with Solaris (IPMP)?

Surachart Opun-How to Setup 10gRAC with Solaris (IPMP)

13-Activating supplemental logging is not replicated to standby db

Freek D’Hooge –Multiple standby databases and supplemental logging

14-Global indexes and partition maintenance operations

David Kurtz-Partition Maintenance with Globally Partitioned Indexes

15-Where to use XML DB?

Marko Gralike-Oracle XML(DB) Use Cases

16-How to reduce redo generation for updates on bitmap indexed columns?

Jonathan Lewis- Bitmap Updates

17-Possible cause of ORA-01008: not all variables bound ?

Marko Sutic-Cursor_sharing=FORCE causing “ORA-01008: not all variables bound” error on Oracle

18-How to use RMAN for moving datafiles between ASM diskgroups?

Surachart Opun-Moving datafile (system) from one ASM Diskgroup to Another

19-Solutions for DTS prblems with DBMS_SCHEDULER

Freek D’Hooge-switching to wintertime

20-IF a package is created such that it is executed with invokers rights then roles are seen in PL/SQL.

Martin Widlake-Accessing Roles in stored PL/SQL

21-Solution to ORA-24062

Frank Van Bortel-ORA-24062 ( Subscriber table inconsistent with queue table)

22-How can index clustering factor can be smaller after index rebuild?

Jonathan Lewis-Quiz Night

23-APPEND hint with values clause behavior in different Oracle versions

Christian Antognini-Hints for Direct-path Insert Statements

24-New flashback query through DDL for Flachback Archive

Uwe Hesse-“Total Recall”: Brief introduction into Flashback Data Archive

25-How does edition based redefinition works?

Jean Pierre Dijcks-Edition Based Redefinition

26-How new density works with frequency histograms?

Alberto Dell’Era-CBO: NewDensity for Frequency Histograms,11g- (densities part IV)


Blogroll Report 23/10/2009 – 30/10/2009 —>

October 21, 2009

Blogroll Report 09/10/2009-16/10/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 02/10/2009 – 09/10/2009

<—- Blogroll Report 02/10/2009 – 09/10/2009

Finally BT managed to re-connect my home broadband and I am ready to give you stale news (yes I was busy again 🙂 ) from blogosphere.

1-Density calculation in Oracle CBO

Alberto Dell’Era-CBO: about the statistical definition of “cardinality” (densities part I)

Alberto Dell’Era-CBO: the formula for the “density” column statistic (densities part II)

Alberto Dell’Era-CBO: “NewDensity” replaces “density” in 11g, (densities part III)

2-How to automate partition maintenance in 10G

Luis Moreno Campos-Automatic Partition Management for Oracle 10g

3-How to configure data guard broker in 11G

Simon Ryan-Configuring Dataguard Broker in 11G

4-Possible solution for PROC-5: User does not have permission to perform a cluster registry operation on this key

Geert de Paep-Scenario 5: Loss of ocrmirror from non-ocr-master – reloaded

5-External table enhancements in 11G (compression,encryption,preprocessor)

Adrian Billinton-external table enhancements in 11g

6-How to list directories with external table preprocessor in 11G?

Adrian Billinton-listing files with the external table preprocessor in 11g

7-How to bypass DBMS_ADVANCED_REWRITE DML restriction?


8-How to solve Authentication Failed!Null on OEM?

Emre Baransel-Authentication Failed!Null

9-How to solve sudoku with recursive subquery dactoring-11GR2 new feature

Anton Scheffer-Oracle RDBMS 11gR2 – Solving a Sudoku using Recursive Subquery Factoring

10-Edition Based Redefinition – 11GR2 new feature

Lucas Jellema-OOW 2009: The killer feature of Oracle Database 11gR2 – Edition Based Redefinition (or database object versioning)

11-How to attach a sql profile to a different statement ?

Kerry Osborne-How to Attach a SQL Profile to a Different Statement – Take 2

12-How to do Blind SQL injection in Oracle ?

Slavik Markovich-Blind SQL Injection in Oracle

13-Alternative Solutions to VLDB backup duration problems

Martin Widlake-VLDB Backups

14-How does statistic gathering effect global temporary tables?

David Kurtz-Global Temporary Tables Shared Statistics Across Sessions

15-Possible solution to ORA-15555 when you are running flashback query?

Shakir Sadikal-ORA-01555: snapshot too old, When Running Flashback Query

16-How to protect data from user DML?

Steve Callan-Protecting Data from Users

17-How does undo redo work with recovery in nutshell?

Jonathan Lewis-Nutshell-1

18-How to use V$row_cache_parent for finding row cache lock holder?

Dion Cho-Finding out the row cache lock holder through V$ view

19-How does AQ notification works in Oracle 11G ?

Luke Davies-AQ Notifications in Oracle 11gR1

20-How to see blocking locks happaned in the past?

Miladin Modrakovic-Blocking locks history

21-How do LOBS and Streams work together ?

Grégory Guillou-Streams LCRs and LOBs

Grégory Guillou-LOB Chunks


Blogroll Report 16/10/2009 – 23/10/2009 –>

October 14, 2009

Blogroll Report 02/10/2009-09/10/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 25/09/2009 – 02/10/2009

Everybody is at OOW09 and I am not, this is not fair  😦 .  I hope next year I will make it and meet with people at bloggers meeting.

1-Grid control patch fails when you have “/oracle/product” in your home on Windows

Marcin Przepiorowski-What can happen if you have “\p” in your ORACLE_HOME

2-How to take rolling forward image copy backup?

Asanga Pradeep-Rolling Forward Image Copy Backups

3-Oracle password solver – Can be useful if you dont know the password but the hash

Pete Finnigan-60 million password hashes/second Oracle password cracker available

4-How to create database service on 11gR2?

Surachart Opun-How to create Oracle Service on 11gR2

5-Possible solution “for unable to extend segment in undo tablespace”?

Jonathan Lewis- Undone

6-Problems with data recovery advisor in 11G

Luis Moreno Campos-Advanced Corruption Resolution with RMAN

7-How to do cascaded update on child tables?


8-How to do base conversions to decimal hexadecimal binarc etc?

Thomas Kyte-Base Conversion Routines

9-How to find foreign keys which are not indexed (unindex script)?

Thomas Kyte-Unindexed Foreign Keys

10-How to find who called and what is the caller in a running procedure?

Thomas Kyte-How Can I find out who called me or what my name is?

11-How to unload data to a flat file?

Thomas Kyte-How Can I unload data to a flat file?

12-ORA-01792 at index creation

Timo Raitalaakso-Not overlapping daily

13-How to use Datapump and Diff command for schema comparison?

André Araujo-Free and Easy Schema diff for Oracle

14-What happens when OCR Non-Master cannot see/loose OCR mirror ?

Geert De Paep-Scenario 4: Loss of ocrmirror from the non-OCR MASTER

15-Hash Cluster Problems

Jonathan Lewis-Hash Clusters-2

16-How to do online san storage migration for 11G Rac with ASM?

Ittichai Chammavanijakul-Online SAN Storage Migration for Oracle 11g RAC database with ASM

17-How to configure OLTP with reporting queries using Streams

Alisher Yuldashev-How to configure OLTP with reporting queries

18-Worst Practices for Oracle database security

Pete Finnegan-Oracle Security Worst Practices

19-Interval data type for beginners

Luis Moreno Campos –Everything you wanted to know about INTERVAL datatype but was too guru to ask

20-How to use XStream In ?-New database overall feature of 11GR2

Grégory Guillou-XStream Inbound… A Sample Java Program

21-How to use XStream Out?-New database overall feature of 11GR2

Grégory Guillou-XStream Outbound… A sample Java Program

22-FAQ about XStreams -New database overall feature of 11GR2

Grégory Guillou-My XStream FAQ

Blogroll Report 09/10/2009 – 16/10/2009–>

October 6, 2009

Blogroll Report 25/09/2009-02/10/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 18/09/2009 – 25/09/2009

Finally, managed to finish this weeks selection. I was in Rotterdam for MSSQL 2008 training and did not have time to read anything.  I am also moving my house this weekend and as you guess also a time consuming issue but after I move I will have a study room which means more stuff to write other than list/index what I read and liked (My Plans depend,  if BT moves my land line quickly otherwise 20 days without internet at home  )

1-MTU size and RAC

Glenn Fawcet-Jumbo Frames with Oracle RAC really does Rock!!

2-Performance impact of functions in SQL

Hemant K Chitale-SQLs in Functions : Performance Impact

3-Solution for ORA-00942 when querying USER_QUEUE_SUBSCRIBERS

Flavio Casetta-ORA-00942 when querying USER_QUEUE_SUBSCRIBERS

4-How to multiply/migrate controlfiles in ASM by restore command?

John Hallas-Managing control files in ASM

5-How to write your queries against dictionary views?

Dion Cho-Tuning query on the fixed table

6- How filtering as much as you can, can help data dictionary table performance?

Martin Widlake-Data Dictionary Performance 2

7-How default user passwords and account statuses behave?

Pete Finnigan – Default Users

8-How to generate grammatically random passwords ?

Pete Finnigan-A grammatically correct random pass phrase generator

9- How to duplicate database via Enterprise Manager-11GR2 new manageability feature?

Luis Moreno Campos-Duplicating a database has never been so easy! (11gR2 new feature)?

10-How to use LNNVL function?

Luis Moreno Campos-Conditional function LNNVL: the bullsh*t detector

11-Questioning the reliability of V$SQL.BUFFER_GETS?

Luke Davies-Over 4 Billion Buffer Gets?

12-What is latency hiding means in real life?

James Morle – Latency Hiding For Fun and Profit

13-Characterset and client and client codepage reletionship (Please Read all the series if you are struggling with different charactersets highly recommended)

Frank Van Bortel – “Special” characters – part IV

14-SYSTEM tablespace does not have RECYCLE_BIN option

Luis Moreno Campos –How many times have I told not to create objects in the SYS schema?


Virag Sharma – Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR)

16-What does _smm_isort_cap parameter do ?

Jonathan Lewis – _smm_isort_cap

17-What happens when OCR Master cannot see/loose OCR mirror ?

Geert De Paep-Scenario 3: Loss of OCRmirror from the OCR MASTER only

18-How to install 11GR2 RAC on Linux on VMWare Server 2?

Tim Hall-Oracle 11g Release 2 RAC On Linux Using VMware Server 2

19-Scheduler Related enhancements in 11GR2-New server manageability feature of 11GR2

Tim Hall-New scheduler stuff in 11gR2

20-New enhancements on hierarchical queries with Recursive Subquery Factoring-11GR2 New Feature

Lucas Jellema – Oracle RDBMS 11gR2 – new style hierarchical querying using Recursive Subquery Factoring

21-How in memory parallel execution works in 11GR2-New Data-New Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing feature of 11GR2?

Maria Colgan-In-Memory Parallel Execution in Oracle Database 11gR2

Blogroll Report 02/10/2009 – 09/09/2009–>

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