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September 27, 2009

Blogroll Report 18/09/2009 – 25/09/2009

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Here come this week’s selection,

1-Solution to “ORA-38760: This database instance failed to turn on flashback database” after interrupted flashback database

Fairlie Rego – Interrupting Flashback Database

2-ASSM bug with different data block size

Jonathan Lewis – Bugs

3-Functions in SQLS and read consistency behaviour

Hemant K Chitale-SQLs in Functions : Each Execution is Independent

4-What happens and how to recover when you lose your OCR mirror and all the nodes were down?

Geert De Paep-The ultimate story about OCR, OCRMIRROR and 2 storage boxes – Chapter 1

5-Why do we need to have power of 2 numbers of partitions for hash partitioning?

Jonathan Lewis – Hash Partitions

6-Diagnosing network problem by tracing system calls

Amit Bansal-Sqlplus connection on AIX taking too long

7-Limits on Triggers with LOB’s

Grégory Guillou-Triggers and LOBs: Synchronous CDC and Synchronous Streams Capture

8-Different behaviour of dictionary tables for Deleted tables

Martin Widlake-Beware Deleted Tables

9-How to use BBED for data extracting/hacking?

Steve Callan-Oracle’s Block Browser and Editor tool

10-How to do manual failover with 11G Data Guard Broker

Jim Czuprynski-Performing Database Failover with Oracle 11g Data Guard

11-How to configure alternate pfile/spfile location on windows systems by using registry keys

Matt Canning-Alternate locations for database parameter files in 11g – Part 4 of 7

12-Auditing for beginners

Robert Geier-Enable Oracle auditing BEFORE you need it

13-How to configure Data Guard Broker

Apun Hiran – How To: Configure Data Guard Broker

14-How to configure Data Guard Fast-Start Failover with Data Guard Broker

Apun Hiran – How To: Configure Data Guard Fast-Start Failover Step By Step

11GR2 Related Posts

1-Architecture behind exadata v2 flash cache?

Jean Pierre Dijcks-500GB/sec and Database Machine Generation 2

2-SSH User setup for Clusterware installation-11GR2 New feature

Luis Moreno Campos-SSH User Equivalence in 11gR2 Real Application Clusters Clusterware installation

3-Video for installing 3 node Oracle RAC 11G in VMWare

Eric (masterschema)-Install Oracle RAC 11g R2 in VMWare – 3 nodes

4-Video for adding 4th node on 3 node Oracle RAC 11G in VMWare

Eric (masterschema)-Extending RAC 11gR2 to 4th node

5-Video for having more than one DB in a single RAC cluster in VMWare

Eric (masterschema)-More than one database in a single RAC cluster

6-How to create new mount point with ASMCA-11GR2 New database manageability feature

Luis Moreno Campos-Putting ACFS to work: how to create a mount point in the new Oracle File System

7-Technical whitepaper for Sun Oracle Exadata V2 database machine (PDF file)

Oracle – A Technical Overview of the Sun Oracle Exadata Storage Server and Database Machine

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