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September 11, 2009

Blogroll Report 04/09/2009 – 11/09/2009

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This week was again busy with 11GR2 new features and the absolute winner of the new feature blog entry competition is Charles Kim and his posts are not just excerpts from available documentation. Nicolas Gasparotto was the first one who finds  a bug in 11GR2 for popular new feature deferred segment creation.   I could not even find time to install release, but people started to find bugs, I think I am loosing my speed 🙂  11GR2 selections are again grouped separately and will, till everything goes to normal.

1-Dangerous sorting behaviour of Oracle for Analytic functions

Jonathan Lewis – Analytic Agony

2-How to use ADRCLI in 11G?

Charles Kim – Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) Command Line Interface

3-How to use REGEXP for argument validation in Shell Script (check the comments)?

Jared Still – Shell Tricks

4-Behaviour change of CBO when partition level stats are available but table level are not

Hemant K Chitale-Table and Partition Statistics

5-How to avoid password hardcoding in Shell scripts with Oracle Wallet ?

Amit Bansal-Using Oracle Wallet to Execute Shell script/cron without hard coded Oracle database password?

6-How to disable ocssd.bin for non-rac non asm environments?

Charles Kim – Disable ocssd.bin daemon when running non-RAC environments

7-How to use SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA) in 11G?

Steve Callan-SQL Performance Analyzer

8-Why buffer cache buffers can reside in shared pool and what are KGH NO ACCESS in shared pool?

Tanel Poder –KGH: NO ACCESS allocations in V$SGASTAT – buffer cache within shared pool!

9-What are the reasons for chained rows and How to deal with them ?

Joel Goodman – Are you chained to your tables.

10-ORA-01792 with inline views

Dion Cho-Interesting case of ORA-01792 error.

11-When your backup policy might not be enough?

Martin Widlake – Your Backups Are Probably Too Simple

12-The new version of the Upgrade to Oracle Database 11g – The whole Story

Mike Dietrich-New version of 11g upgrade slides available

13-Invalid Oracle Internet Directory problem after Oracle identity management upgrade

Frank Van Bortel – Upgrade IDM from 10.1.2 to 10.1.4: dba_registry invalid OID

11GR2 New Features Posts

1-ASM Storage Management Configuration Assistant- New server manageability feature

Charles Kim –Oracle has a new configuration assistant in 11g Release 2 – ASMCA

2-ASM Intelligent Data Placement-New Server Manageability feature of 11GR2

Charles Kim – ASM – Intelligent Data Placement

3-How to install 11GR2 on Linux?

Charles Kim-Installing Oracle Database 11g Release 2 – Enterprise Database Edition

4-Enterprise Manager Support for ASM Cluster File System (ACFS) – New Server Manageability feature of 11GR2

Charles Kim – Creating ASM Volumes and Cluster File Systems with Enterprise Mangers in 11g Release 2

5-ASM FS Snapshot – New Server Manageability feature of 11GR2

Charles Kim –Creating ASM Snapshots with Enterprise Mangers in 11g Release 2

6-How to start DBCONSOLE in 11GR2 ?

Charles Kim –Starting dbconsole from command line in Oracle Database 11g Release 2

7-How to fix PRVF-5472: or PRVF-5439: during 11GR2 installation?

Chandra Pabba – Oracle11gR2 CRS Install – ntpd requirement

8-How to install Peoplesoft on 11gR2 64-bit?

Nicolas Gasparotto – Peoplesoft on 11gR2 64-bits

9-Lib32 Dir is not available in 11GR2 64 bit

Nicolas Gasparotto – 11gR2 64-bits : where is lib32 ?

10-Bug # 8816562 Deferred Segment Creation is not working with move and workaround for the bug.

Nicolas Gasparotto – Get rid off segment of empty table (11gR2)

11-Step by step 11GR2 upgrade

Saurabh Sood-Get Upgrading: Steps To Upgrade To 11gR2

12-No need of voting disk backuo for 11GR2 clusterware-New clustering feature of 11GR2

Syed Jaffar Hussain- Voting Disk Backup Procedure Changed in Oracle 11g Release 2

13-SQL Generation – New server managealibility feature of 11GR2

We do streams-The New Streams 11.2 SQL Generation Facility

14-XMLType Partitioning – New Unstructured Data Management feature of 11GR2

Marco Gralike – Oracle RDBMS 11gR2 – XML Data Partitioning

15-IGNORE_ROW_ON_DUPKEY_INDEX Hint-New availability feature of 11GR2

Luis Moreno Campos-Oracle 11gR2 feature of the Day!

16-Step by step 11gR2 rac installation on 64 bit Linux

Rajeev Ramdas Thottathil – 11gR2 rac installation on 64 bit Linux step by step

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