Coskan’s Approach to Oracle

September 8, 2009

Blogroll Report 21/08/2009 – 28/08/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 14/08/2009 – 21/08/2009

1-Workaround for LOB Concatenation performance problem

Dion Cho- Reducing CLOB concatenation

2-How to use flashback and guaranteed restore points for Data Guard?

Vitaliy Mogilevskiy-Using Flashback Database to strengthen Data Guard Setup

3-Possible reasons for changing bind variable names (read the comments)

Jonathan Lewis- Quiz Night-2

4-Detecting low memory starvation on Red Hat <5 Linux x86-32bit

Martin Decker –Out-of-Memory killer on 32bit Linux with big RAM

5-SUMDELTA$ table is not purged when MVIEW base table is using Direct path insert

H.Tonguc Yilmaz –Materialized views and sys.sumdelta$ UPDATE-DELETE performance

6-Tuning SQL*Net message from dblink with USE_HASH hint

Marko Sutic- SQL Tuning – using USE_HASH hint – dblink issue

7-New infiniband monitoring with OSWatcher

Husnu Sensoy –Full Coverage in Infiniband Monitoring with OSWatcher 3.0: IB Monitoring

8-Workaround for setting maxtrans for indexes in 10G

Jonathan Lewis- Index Explosion-3

9-How to detect violating rows for constraints

Shailesh Mishra –Constraints: How to resolve the duplicated primary key exceptions

10-Diagnosing “latch: cache buffer chains “

Tanel Poder –latch: cache buffers chains latch contention – a better way for finding the hot block

11-How to use Oracle Q-quote with dbms_advanced_rewrite.

Kerry Osborne-Quotes in Strings (Oracle Q-quote)

12- Does oversize of datatype VARCHAR2 causes performance problem?

Mohammad Abdul Momin Arju – Does oversize of datatype VARCHAR2 causes performance problem

13- Workarounds for ORA-00600 ORA-12085 ORA-03113 with GV$SQL and GV$SQL_PLAN

Martin Widlake-RAC GV$SQL type Bugs

14-Issues while validating database backups with restore database validate command

Miladin Modrakovic-Bugman ( RMAN ) validate restore “bug”

Oracle Streams—-

15-How to use Oracle Advanced Queuing Buffered Messages (demo for exchange messages between 2 queues in different databases.

We do streams-Oracle AQ Buffered Queues 101 (Part 2)

16-Simple way to fix propogations errors with streams

We do streams- Propagation Error And Exception Queue Management

17- How to do data comparison between tables using DBMS_COMPARISON in 11G

We do streams- Data Comparison with DBMS_COMPARISON

18- Behaviour of fire_once=false triggers with streams

We do streams- Are your triggers triggered by Streams?

19- How to use V$STREAMS_MESSAGE_TRACKING for Tracking LCRs Through a Stream

We do streams- Tracking Streams Changes with V$STREAMS_MESSAGE_TRACKING

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