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September 7, 2009

Blogroll Report 14/08/2009 – 21/08/2009

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I am back from holiday and I think did my best to filter these blog posts from large number of blog posts, when I am away even Oracle released 11.2 :). Next time I won’t take a holiday longer than 10 days. I will cover the missing weeks one by one instead of 3 weeks in 1 post.

1- Using REGEXP_LIKE with outer joins ?

Peter Scott –Slightly Fuzzy Lookups

2- How to use alert log for error trends ?

Karl Arao – Knowing the trend of Deadlock occurrences from the Alert Log

3-How to read treedump for what happened in indexes ?

Jonathan Lewis – Treedump

4- Using alter system kill session in procedure

John Hallas-Procedure to kill a session

5- How to get the date for the last day of the previous month?

Jonathan Lewis – Why test ?

6- How to bulk insert cursor data into a table ?

Liang Gang Yu-BULK INSERT cursor’s data INTO A TABLE – Oracle10g, 11g

7- How to use UTL_COMPRESS to compress files ?

Steve Callan-Compressing files in Oracle

8- When you lost your spfile?

Matt Canning-Dealing with a lost SPFILE

9- Transparent Application Failover (TAF) for Data Guard ?

Uwe Hesse – Connect Time Failover & Transparent Application Failover for Data Guard

10 – Using backup copy to move files after changing the recordsize on filesystem ?

Don Seiler-Moving Oracle Datafiles to a ZFS Filesystem with the Correct Recordsize

11- What are Synthetic Commits and Rollbacks?

Christian Antognini – Synthetic Commits and Rollbacks

12 -ORA-16069 after switchover?

Don Seiler – ORA-16069? You May Need A New Standby Controlfile

13 -Possible solution for slow network connection in 11G ?

Marcin Przepiorowski – Slow network connection in 11g

14 -How to escalate Oracle SR ?

Chris Warticki- Support Escalation Process…Again!

15-How to adjust optimizer_index_cost_adj if you really want to use it ?

Richard Foote – The CBO and Indexes: OPTIMIZER_INDEX_COST_ADJ Part III

16 -How to track DDL changes in 11G ?

Miladin Modrakovic – Tracking DDL changes in 11g

17 -How to do Oracle Cross-Platform Migration with Minimal Downtime ?

Don Seiler – HOWTO: Oracle Cross-Platform Migration with Minimal Downtime

18 -How to use Active Data Guard in 11G ?

Jim Czuprynski – Using Oracle 11g’s Active Data Guard and Snapshot Standby Features

19 -How to install Oracle Client on unsupported OS ?

Marko Sutic – How to install Oracle Client 11g on Windows 7?

20 -How to use unix EXPECT utility to simulate non-interactivity for interactive only installations?

Advait Deo – Spawn, Expect, Send and Interact

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