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August 14, 2009

Blogroll Report 07/08/2009 – 14/08/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 31/07/2009 – 07/08/2009

This week was technically ritch and these are my selections.

1- How to measure redo log generation ?

Ben Prusinski – DBA Quick Tip of the week: Measuring Redo Generated

2-How to solve ORA-01620 for RAC standby for non-RAC primary?

Chandra Pabba – ORA-01620 while creating a RAC standby for non-RAC primary

3-How to speed up Single instance RAC convertion process via RCONFIG ?

Sabdar Syed – How we faster the process of converting a non-ASM single-instance database to RAC database with ASM using RCONFIG tool?

4-Quick VPD for beginners

Paul M.Wright – VPD vite

5-Information about shared pool freelists

Riyaj Shamsudeen – Shared pool freelists (and durations)

6-How does optimizer behaves when where clause is not in index but index columns in order list ?

Randolf Geist – Optimizer cleverness

7-How to use convert command to copy files from ASM to filesystem?

Marcin Przepiorowski – ASM datafile operation in NOMOUNT

8-How to avoid invalid packages message before upgrade to 11G?

Mike Dietrich – Drop SYS.PLAN_TABLE$ prior to upgrading

9-How Oracle fast refreshes materialized views (MVs) of a single master table?

Alberto Dell’Era – Fast refresh of single-table materialized views – algorithm summary

10- How to decrypt endpoint_value in dba_tab_histograms

Martin Widlake – Decrypting Histogram Data

11- Workarounds for ITL related index growth

Jonathan Lewis – Index Explosion-2

12- How  DBMS_STATS.SET_*_PREFS  in 11G ?

CBO Architects Group- Understanding DBMS_STATS.SET_*_PREFS procedures

13-Improvements on autoallocated segments in 11G

Christian Antognini –System Managed Extent Size – 11g Improvements

14-Quick guide to Troubleshooting Oracle Streams

Pat Lehane – Troubleshooting Oracle Streams/CDC

15-How to use DBMS_ROWID ?

Tom Kyte – On DBMS_ROWID, Parsing, and Sizing

16-Tutorial for RMAN scripts

Arup Nanda –Scripting Oracle RMAN Commands

17-How to clear session which were marked for kill?

Tanel Poder-Alter system kill session and ORA-00031: session marked for kill

18-How to copy schemas over database link in a procedure ?

Dani Rey-The gains and pains of dbms_datapump. Part I

19-How to send mail with CLOB attachment?

Ozay Akdora – Sending mail with CLOB attachement

20-11G upgrade problem caused by timesone file

Miladin Modrakovic – Issues with upgrade to 11g

21-ORA-00384 on 11G when you set minimum for db_cache_size

Steven Karam – Strange Behavior with MEMORY_TARGET

22-ORA-15099 with ASM disks larger than 2 TB

Jonathan Lewis – Tera-Bug

23-  How to automate usage of DBMS_DATAPUMP over network link

Daniel Ray-The gains and pains of dbms_datapump. Part I

Blogroll Report 07/08/2009 – 14/08/2009—->

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