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August 1, 2009

Blogroll Report 24/07/2009 – 31/07/2009

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I was very busy this week and I could only find time to write this weeks blogroll after a big migration. I felt I have to write as I promised, and by this way I read all the post in my to-read list in 1 day. These summary series keeps me up-to date with blogosphere I hope it works for you too

1- All about Critical Patch Update preparation process

Eric Maurice – Ensuring Critical Patch Update Quality

2- 11G and Using Hugepage

Kevin Closson –

3- ITL effect on index space

Jonathan Lewis- IQ2 – Answers

Jonathan Lewis – Index Explosion

4- How to refresh test database from production with incremental backups and standby database options?

Ilmar Kerm – Refreshing test database from production using incremental backups

5-How to sort in different languages with index access. ?

Ilmar Kerm – Using linguistic indexes for sorting in Oracle

6-How to diagnose ORA-04030 ?

Dion Cho- Playing with ORA-4030 error

7-Troubleshooting RAC connectivity issues with VIP

Alex Gorbachev – Pythian Video: Oracle RAC VIP’s — Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

8- How does PLAN_HASH_VALUE generated and how to generate hash values.?

Randolf Geist – PLAN_HASH_VALUE – How equal (and stable?) are your execution plans – part 2

9- How to identify PID/SPID of killed session in 11G?

Miladin Modrakovic- Identifying PID/SPID for killed session in 11g

10- How to Attach a SQL Profile to a Different Statement?

Kerry Osborne –How to Attach a SQL Profile to a Different Statement

11-Why Isn’t Oracle Using My Outline / Profile / Baseline?

Kerry Osborne –Why Isn’t Oracle Using My Outline / Profile / Baseline?

12- Why A-Rows is 0 for DMLs ?

Christian Antognini –A-Rows and DML Statements

13- How to find choked table stats?

Martin Widlake-Automatic Statistics Gathering Fails #3

14- Simple number formatting with to_char

Jeffrey Kemp – Great number formatting trick

15-How does delete work with merge in 10G?

Alex Nuijten –DELETE in the MERGE statement

16- How to use AWR differences Report- Why toad leaves Parallel Slaves in use (Check comments) ?

Doug Burns – AWR Differences Report

17- Function based indexes and hidden stats

Dion Cho-Function based index and suspicious filter predicates

18- Function based index is not used with Or-Expansion and query rewrite workaround with restrictions

Dion Cho- Function-based Index and Or-Expansion

19-Using check all repair clause of alter diskgroup  to release space

John Hallas-

20- Review of Oracle Metasploit tool

Alexander Kornbrust –Oracle Metasploit Presentation

21- Why DBA_TAB_PRIVS is not enough and workaround ?

Paul Wright –DBA_OBJ_PRIVS

22- How to find table creation order with Foreign key relations (non circular)?

Frank Zhou-How to determine the table creation order in SQL

23-How to limit user connection times intervals?

Emre Baransel-Limit User Connection Based On Time Interval

24-How to set up Network ACL in 11G?

Don Seiler – Setting up Network ACLs in Oracle 11g… For Dummies

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  1. Nice summary, thanks for compiling


    Comment by John Hallas — August 2, 2009 @ 9:30 am

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