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July 24, 2009

Blogroll Report 17/07/2009 – 24/07/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 10/07/2009 – 17/07/2009

This was one of those weeks that you really need a summary of the blog activities, it was more than fruitful.
The most popular topic was new 11G feature Direct Path Access and they all were very interesting.
My personal choice of the week is Index Quiz series from Jonathan Lewis, they were very informative and I strongly recommend you, not miss any of the comments.

1- Direct path pros/cons and how to disable direct path access.

Miladin Madrakovic –Direct path reads and serial table scans in 11g

Christian Antognini-Impact of Direct Reads on Delayed Block Cleanouts

Dion Cho-Disabling direct path read for the serial full table scan – 11g

2- Indexes and ITL

Jonathan Lewis –
Index Quiz 1
Index Quiz 2

3- table stats Choked by Auto Stats Gathering Job.

Martin Widlake-
Automated Statistics Gathering Silently Fails
Automated Statistics Gathering Silently Fails #2
4- Explanation of min segment size – Richard Foote vs Myths
Richard Foote-Why A Segment Really Has To Be At Least 2 Blocks In Size

5- Negative effects of optimizer_index_cost_adj
Richard Foote-The CBO and Indexes: OPTIMIZER_INDEX_COST_ADJ Part II
6- Difference between NOT IN and NOT EXISTS with NULLs
Hemant K Chitale-The difference between NOT IN and NOT EXISTS

7- How to find out parameters and diagnostic events of specific session ?
Dion Cho – Spying on the other session

8- Case of failed Stored outlines in 11G
Dion Cho-Stored outline does not work – the stupidity of Oracle 11g

9- How to automate AWR report generation ?
Rajeev Ramdas Thottathil- Shell script to generate awr reports for a range of snapshots

10- What does not effect plan_hash_value generation ?

Randolf Geist – PLAN_HASH_VALUE – How equal (and stable?) are your execution plans – part 1

11- How to use logminer when flashback is not option ?

Uwe Hesse- Logminer: Not as modern as Flashback but still useful!

12 – Summary of most known PL/SQL features

Steven Feuerstein – Must Know Features of PL/SQL

13- How to automate test script generation for SQLs with bind variables ?

Kerry Osborne-Creating Test Scripts With Bind Variables

14- How to check possible bind variable needs ?

Alberto Dell’Era – Bind Variables Checker for Oracle – now install-free

15- Faster fixed table access.

Miladin Madrakovic-Accessing Fixed Tables using Direct Access

16- Explanation of Securefile deduplication in 11G

Liang Gang Yu –Oracle 11g SecureFile System-Part 1- Deduplication of LOBs

17- Solution to emctl “WARN http: snmehl_connect: connect failed to (hostname:): Connection refused (error = 111)” problem

Asanga – Enterprise Manager Error

18- How to inspect LUNs on Linux ?

Krishna Manoharan-Map Disk Block devices on a Linux host back to the SAN Lun

Blogroll Report 24/07/2009 – 31/07/2009–>

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