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July 17, 2009

Blogroll Report 10/07/2009 – 17/07/2009

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<—- Blogroll Report 03/07/2009 – 10/07/2009

Here are  this week’s technical highlights

1- Tablespace_name like _$deleted$ in dba_tab_partition Bug:8291493

Jeff Moss – $deleted$ tablespace names bug

2- Easy connect namins(EXCONNECT) with ORA-12504

Mark Williams – SQL*Plus, EZCONNECT, Password Prompt, and ORA-12504

3-Libray cache definition with libray example

Aman Sharma – Library Cache, A Distant Look….

4- CTAS and copied constraints

Laurent Schneider – CTAS and NOT NULL

5- How to do a clean XML DB installation

Marco Gralike – HOWTO: Do a clean XML DB installation…

6-  How to enable disable Row Shipping feature in>  (_enable_row_shipping parameter)

Mladin Madrakovic – Wide Table Select ( Row Shipping )

7- Review of July 2009 CPU

Integrity – Oracle Critical Patch Update July 2009 Pre-Release Analysis

8- Poor man’s data vault project

Chet Justice – DBA: Poor Man’s Data Vault

9- Proof of Transparent Data Encryption

Liang Gang Yu – Data Block Dump in Oracle – part 4 – vs. Transparent Data Encyption

10 -How to decode block dump with UTL_RAW

Dion Cho –Decoding block dump using UTL_RAW

11 – Restrictions on PL/SQL functions with DML content

Shailesh Mishra – Workaround the DMLs: PL/SQL function restrictions

12 – Why to use Autoallocate for tablespace growth

Hemant K Chitale – Sizing OR Growing a Table in AUTOALLOCATE

13 – How to encrypt compress and mask with Data Pump in 11G (New features)

Arup Nanda – Encrypt, compress, mask, and deliver information with Oracle Data Pump.

14 – How to avoid ORA-01652 after executing “alter table compress…”

Marko Sutic – How to avoid ORA-01652 after executing “alter table compress…”

15 – Demonstration for Delayed cursor invalidation for databases above 10G.

Harald van Breederode – Rolling Cursor Invalidation

16 – How to provide exact cardinality of a collection used in a TABLE() query, to CBO

Adrian Billington – Collection CARDinality

Oracle Forums  (Did not have time this weekend)

High library cache load lock waits in AWR

Unable to create public synonym

Blogroll Report 17/07/2009 – 24/07/2009—->

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