Coskan’s Approach to Oracle

July 3, 2009

Blogroll Report 26/06/2009 – 03/07/2009

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This weeks technical highlights,

1- How to capture the changes in SQL execute times using DBA_HIST tables

Kerry Osborne – What Did My New Index Mess Up?

2- How to truncate Listener log via LSNRCTL utility. (Usefull on windows boxes)

Marko Sutic – Truncating, Rotating, Flushing Listener.log file

3- ORA-10576: caused by bug 5956646

Fairlie Rego –Are you sure you will be able to activate your standby?

4- Dynamic Sampling not working with alter session set current_schema

Randolf Geist –Dynamic sampling and set current_schema anomaly

5- OLSNODES command causes CPU spikes

Surachart Opun –olsnodes make cpu spikes

6-Adjasted mbrc effect on full table costs

Martin Widlake –cost of full table scans 2

7- Why to check ADDM recommendations apart from AWR

Doug Burns –I Love ADDM

8- How to tune SQL for Siebel on Oracle

Alberto Dell’Era –Tuning Oracle for Siebel – SQL template

9- How to use BBED on to view and edit data on ASM

Marcin Przepiorowski-ASM and BBED

10- How to use driving_site hint with distributed queries (queries over database link)

Jonathan Lewis –Distributed Queries

11- ASMCMD and free space check with LSDG command

Charles Kim –ASM Free Space ASM Disk |Awesome way to check space available

12 – How to diagnose processes with “oradebug unit_test_nolg ”

Miladin Madrakovic – Process diagnostic

13 – How to monitor SQL’S with SQL Developer Real time monitoring

Doug Burns – Real-Time SQL Monitoring in SQL Developer

14- How to do Switch Over with Oracle 11G SE (Standart Edition)

Alisher Yuldashev – Oracle 11G SE Switch Over

15- How to cleanup temp segments on permanend tablespaces (if smon fails)
Saurabh Sood – CleanUp Temporary Segments Occupying Permanent Tablespace

16- How to unpivot in 11g
Laurent Schneider- select from column-separated list

17- How to see DBA_% table definitions
Martin Widlake – Peeking Under the Data Dictionary

Oracle Forums

1-How to troubleshoot SYS CPU usage

2- Reading Explain Plan

3-Delete Performance on Index Organised Tables

4- Case insensitive search and index

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