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June 26, 2009

Blogroll Report 19/06/2009 – 26/06/2006

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Here are  technical highlights from Oracle Blogosphere with my keywords,

1- ORA-38029 for index creation

Randolf Geist – Locked table statistics and subsequent create index

2- How to start RAC instance in non-RAC  mode

Chandra Pabba – ORA-29702 – Starting RAC instance in non-rac mode

3- How to set cardinality for pipelined and table functions

Adrian Billington – setting cardinality for pipelined and table functions

4- How to format index tree dump by SQL and RegEXP

Dion Cho – Simple formatting on index tree dump

5- Restrictions for aggregate materialized views

Rob Van Wijk – Fast refreshable materialized view errors, part three: aggregate MV’s

6- dbms_stats.copy_table_stats min/high value alteration bug

Amit Bansal – dbms_stats.copy_table_stats does not alter low/high value

7- Automatic top subheap dumping with heapdump

Tanel Poder Oracle memory troubleshooting, Part 3: Automatic top subheap dumping with heapdump

8- Views in Explain Plan output – no_merge

Jonathan Lewis – Explain View

9-  Importance of Size  for  Autoextend on Next

Hemant K Chitale  – AUTOEXTEND ON Next Size

10- Partition pruning problem for MIN/MAX of partition key column

Jeff Moss – No pruning for MIN/MAX of partition key column

11- ORA-02070 with VPD  and DBMS_SCHEDULER


12- How to check RAC option in Oracle Binary

Surachart Opun – check RAC Option in Oracle Binary

13- Diagnosing paralel query and interconnect  performance on RAC with UDPSNOOP

Riyaj Shamsudeen – RAC, parallel query and udpsnoop

Oracle Forums

1- Cache Fusion and Past Image

2-CBC Latch and Buffer Busy wait on same table.

3-Latch problem

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