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June 23, 2009

Blogroll Report 12/06/09 – 19/06/09

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<—- Blogroll Report 06/06/09 – 12/06/09

Last 5 days, I was at Hurricane Festival enjoying Hard Rock, without any internet access  and I couldn’t keep my promise to write blogroll report on time 😦

After 4 days of tiring camping conditions, I am now ready to write last weeks highlights.

1-What is “consistent gets” and “db block gets”

Jonathan Lewis- Consistent gets

2-How to remap_tablespace on original export import

3-  How to track bind variables with errorstack  dump

Dion Cho – Tracking the bind value with errorstack dump

4- What is cleanout in Oracle

Jonathan Lewis-Clean it up

5-Q/A on  Oracle Temporary Tablespace Groups

Randolf Geist – Temporary Tablespace Groups

6- How to record DDL statements in alert log of  Logical Standby

Uwe Hesse – Record DDL Statements in DBA_LOGSTDBY_EVENTS & alert.log

7- How to kill a session on other node in Oracle 11G

Chandra Pabba – Oracle11g – Killing session in RAC (in remote instance)

8-How to remap_tablespace with original export import

Chen Shapira –  Did You Know You Can Rename Tablespaces?

9 -CBO and INDEXES for beginners Part – 2

Richard Foote – The CBO and Indexes: Introduction Continues …

10- How to dinagnose PGA with oradebug (new oradebug parameter on 11g unit_test_nolog)

Miladin Madrakovic – Memory Diagnostics – PGA Part 1

11 –  SMON and Tablespace name problem

Jonathan Lewis – Tablespaces

12-  How to resolve corruption issue with file_hdrs dump

Riyaj Shamsudeen – Resolving corruption issue with file_hdrs dump

13 – Pure SQL version for OSTAKPROF of Tanel Poder

Dion Cho – Pure SQL version of ostakprof(from Tanel Poder)

14- Re-writing query instead of creating index

Karen Morton – You dont really need that index (or that SQL )

15 – SQL Trace anomality for LOB columns

Dion Cho – LOB vs. SQL*Trace

Oracle Forums

1- What happens when you Flush buffer cache

2- Histograms and Explain plan differences

3- db file sequential read

Blogroll Report 19/06/09 – 26/06/09 —->

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