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June 12, 2009

Blogroll Report 06/06/09 – 12/06/09

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As you see from the blogroll page I follow over 140 Oracle DBA related blogs and all blog aggregators from I try to read updates from all of them but  this huge amount of different source of information about different topics started to blow my mind. I start not to remember what I read and which one was useful in technical context, and most of the blog headers do not match with my future search criteria. For these reasons, I decide to write my own weekly blogroll report just for indexing technical oracle blog posts with my own keywords. ( Log Buffers of Pyhtan Group are very nice but not enough) . I am planning to write every Friday night. If you find anything useful please leave a comment so the post will be complete.

Here is this weeks selection.

1-How to deal with memory leaks by using memory dumps. (PGA leak bug)
Jonathan Lewis – PGA Leaks
Dion Cho – Troubleshooting PGA leak with PGA heap dump

2- How to fix ASM disk header

Jason Arneil – Fixing up ASM Disk Header Corruption

3- How to use Perfsheet and TPT tools for Diagnosing RAC wait events

Karl Arao –Diagnosing and Resolving “gc block lost”

4- How to use  XPLAN  tool of Alberto Dell’era

Alberto Dell’era – Optimizing SQL statements with xplan

5- How CBO use Dynamic Sampling on partitioned tables

Randolf Geist – Dynamic sampling and partitioned tables

6- How to limit query time with Resource Manager

Martin Ruthner – Limiting Query Runtime Without Killing the Session

7- How Oracle choose tablespaces for interval partitioning

Yasin Baskan – Tablespace selection in interval partitioning

8- DB_CACHE_ADVICE  bug causes simulator lru latch

Don Seiler – Turn Off db_cache_advice To Avoid Latch Contention Bugs

9- CBO and INDEXES for beginners Part – 1

Richard Foote – The CBO and Indexes: An Introduction (Absolute Beginners)

10 – How to unload  data with Data Pump and External Tables – How to move data between servers with DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER  packages

Jean-Pierre Dijcks – Unloading data using External Table and Data Pump

11- How to exclude scan on single paths with ASM multipathing

Surachart Opun – Check the device ASMLib on multi-path

12- PL/SQL Functions and their CBO costing

Adrian Billington – pl/sql functions and cbo costing

13- Tutorial for grouping rows with group by

Joe Fuda – Grouping Rows with GROUP BY

Oracle Forums – (The ones I caught)

1- db writer processes and working data sets

2- Performance tuning issue on parallel query

3- What should be the value of Optimizer_index_cost_adj in oracle 9i    (they are  back :) )

These are all for this week. Hope it will be helpfull to find the right blog posts for you

Blogroll Report 12/06/09 – 19/06/09—–>

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  1. Coskan,

    Nice idea.
    Don’t forget to put forward and backward links to connect each new one with the previous one so that anyone can walk back and fore along a doubly linked list. (Like the thing I do with my statspack series).

    Comment by Jonathan Lewis — June 12, 2009 @ 8:30 pm

  2. Nice addition to my initial idea I will add the navigation as you did for the statspack series thank you very much for the suggestion Mr Lewis.

    Comment by coskan — June 12, 2009 @ 8:40 pm

  3. Coskan, nice try and it’s a honor to have my post on the list.

    Comment by Dion Cho — June 12, 2009 @ 11:26 pm

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