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July 11, 2007

Oracle 11g is launched

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I watched the launch of Oracle New release 11g 20 minutes ago. I couldn’t catch all of the presentations, but I caught some highlights about what Oracle 11g promises us.

1- Partitioning advisor: Oracle 11g will give us advises for partitioning tables on which column and what type of partitioning.

2- Automated partitioning: You will not have to worry about the creating new partitions for upcoming dates . Oracle 11g will do it or you.

3- Business driven partitioning: Oracle 11g enlarge the composite partition capabilities. Prior to 11g we can only do hash over range partitioning or list over range partitioning. Now we have 3 more composite partitioning options.

  1. Range over range partitioning
  2. range over list partitioning
  3. list over list partitioning

4- Information Lifecycle Management (ILM): ILM will help you about management of your mature, less active data.
5- Advanced compression: By advanced compression we can compress our data up to 3X and this will ease our life about archiving our database

6- Rolling online upgrade with data guard: You will do your upgrade on your standby database then switchover to standby database and upgrade your primary database by this way Oracle 11g can promise us no downtime for upgrading process. From now on, you do not need to have a RAC database to make online upgrades, what you only need is to have a standby database which is according to me a must for high availability . (If you don’t have yet start to Think more to have a standby database).

7- Real application testing: if it work as it said to be, I think this feature is a revolution for testing. You capture the workload from your database and apply it to your test environment which is replicated from your database. Think about how much time you save when this happens (minimum test environment preparation time and minimum testing duration minimum effort for creating stress scenarios)

I saw so many enhancements about spatial and streams which are not my main topics, but I hear that the guest CIO s, told how much they liked those features.

you can find more about Oracle 11g from official site

I cross my fingers and start to wait to download the new release for trying new features.


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