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July 4, 2007

Database users vs Database Admins

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Today I read the great, funny post of

  1. Database users are just like women, they will always want more.
    (I am not a misogynist, do not hate me, I never met a woman who doesn’t want more :) )
  2. If you ever run a sql 100 times and 99 of them lasts only 1 second and only one of them lasts 5 minutes, then they would nevertheless come up with the idea that the database is slow. They will never look at the bright side :( When they experience any slowness for just only one time, it would be very hard for you to erase this experience from their minds.
  3. This is the reality of DBA business. Do not get angry to the “others”, do what Jeff did (Say them “I need to get back to my office, call me if you have any problems.” :)) )

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