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May 30, 2007

Monthly Blogroll Report (May 2007)

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Elvis came back to town after 1 month. I missed my approach much when I was away from here. I hope I will never have to give a break that much again. In this time period my approach entered the featured non-employee blog list of with a title SQL Server-to-Oracle convert (strangest title of all :)). I want to thank to the writer of the list, for this sublime advancement. Today, I want to try something I never did before , “The report of entries of the month”.

I believe most of you know about the Pythian Groups “Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs” series which are written every weekend for summarizing that weeks blog entries. What I want to do is not to copy them but take their action one step further for the lazy, all in one blog readers. I m going to list the ones which I find helpful, interesting,related with only oracle rdbms, and not personal. I am sorry for eliminating the Oracle Applications entries but I do not have chance to work with applications 😦 So Lets begin the report ;

Alejandro Vargas is one of the best technical Oracle bloggers who writes as Oracle manual (easy to read,less literature more work ) He wrote RAC with ASM on Linux, Crash Scenario Series (All Oracle Homes Loss, ASM Spfile Loss, Voting Disk Loss, OCR Loss) which can be very helpful for RAC users who is in trouble with ASM. Thinking for the worse first will make you ready for the worse. Keep following this solution man.

Lewis Cunningham explained the power and reliability of explicit data conversions vs evil implicit data conversions with an entry which is quite easy to understand.

Jeremy Schneider whose previous entries are more related with RAC wrote interesting entries about scnarios of recovering controlfiles without backup , control file recovery of normal closed database with resetlogs and without resetlogs . I love his style of proving his ideas.

Why we need Database Archiving is the main topic of Craig Mullins blog this month. I think you will find all the answers of why will you need another database to keep your data.

Howard Rogers wrote about why he is suspicious about the hit ratios, why he can choose RAID-5 with Oracle. Lack of different points of views, is one of the problems of IT world and Howard Rogers is one of the bloggers who can look different bravely. He also proved why to use minus instead of not in when doing comparison between two tables.

Oracle Blog worlds most known blogger Eddie Awad, has an entry about Top Oracle Blogs Ranked by Technorati Authority. I think he is becoming the authority about Oracle Blogs all around the world (Keep yourself up-to-date with other oracle blogs by his another blog which has a new wordpress style).

One of the writers of Eye On Oracle blog Tim DiChiara answered the question “is Oracle really a RDBMS ?” with his entry after Oracles 30 years of innovation. He has interesting ideas.

Turkish Oracle geek Hasan Tonguc Yilmaz wrote his impressions about the Lutz Hartmans Seminar in Istanbul, he also upload his personal notes into his entry. He has another entry about Turkish Super league championship of his favouriteteam, which is the opponent of my favourite team (Galatasaray ) Do not take that entry seriously :))

Kevin Closson, who writes good technical articles mostly about RAC, questioned the oldness of Oracle RDBMS technology. There is also a debate about the entry by commentators.

Here comes another productive, practical DBA Laurent Scheider. I like to read and learn tricks and forgotten basics from him. Commentators are also very helpful on his entries. I think you have to read all may archive, not only for learning but remembering also.

Special monthly blogroll report award goes to Lutz Hartman , because he was in Turkey and he wrote about mostly about Istanbul :). I couldn’t attend his seminar, but it was enjoyable to read Istanbul (1,2,3,4) from him. He also wrote about How to calculate the minimum size of LARGE_POOL_SIZE for I/O slaves for RMAN and he proved the checkpoint happening before shutdown. We hope to see other Gurus in Istanbul.

Oracle ACE Syed Jaffar Hussain explained how to transport tablespaces from RMAN backupset. Who can resist to RMAN’s attraction ….

I’m sory that I don’t have a best of Jonathan Lewis entries. His entries must be tried and to be honest I didn’t have time to try them so you must check his May Archive, if you didn’t already.

Robert Vollman wrote about my approach :)) His last article is an excellent which has answers of “What Makes a Great Oracle Blog?”. If you think about writing an Oracle Blog, you should bear his words in your mind.

I think the discussion about ASSM is Evil or Not question will never end unless the structure of ASSM redesigned. Jeff Moss wrote his “what about ” against Howard Rogers article on this subject, especially the DW part. Different views, different ways …

I hope you enjoyed to read this entry, thanks a lot to the Oracle bloggers for providing content of this entry.

Happy readings.

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